For those of you who don’t browse reddit on an hourly basis, you may not have heard of the popular subreddit ‘Evil Buildings’ – aimed as the per name – at pictures of buildings that look somewhat evil.

We have pulled together a selection of our favourites for you to enjoy.

The Cathedral of Learning in a Pittsburgh. Other reddit users pointed out the building doesn’t look quite as evil in the day time!

Perfectly captioned: “When r/hailcorporate meets r/evilbuildings.”

Credit: u/mattdeII96 @ reddit.

Visualisation of a hotel on a cliff in Iceland.

Image by Alex Hogrefe who runs Visualizing Architecture.

“Russian Woodpecker” – “Duga” (5N32).

This cabin in the woods… Photo by Gibert Alexey.

Clermont-Ferrand in France.

The Unabomber's Cabin

The Unabomber’s Cabin.

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