Germany is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe and offers a whole host of natural beauty, art and culture. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and provides both vibrant cities and breath-taking natural landscapes.

Before you set off on your journey to Germany, you need to be aware of the local customs. For example, Germans are rule followers, and you will be scrutinised if you don’t do the same. Always wait for the green traffic light, and make sure you have a front and backlight on your bike. 

Here are a few other German customs you should be aware of. 


Cash is the most popular way to pay for things in Germany. In fact, most stalls, stores, shops, restaurants and bars don’t have card machines because credit cards are often not accepted. Germany is one of the most cash-intensive economies in the world. You need to be prepared with how to use an ATM machine. Bring plenty of euros with you to avoid being caught out!


Did you know it’s a German tradition to bring a gift when you first visit someone’s home? Bring a small gift, like a home decoration or flowers, as a nice gesture.

Bunch of flowers

However, if you are already travelling to Germany and you are unprepared for this – you can send a parcel to Germany when you get back home, and they will receive it in a short time. 

No shopping on Sundays

Plan to do other things on Sunday to entertain yourself. Do your shopping before Sunday, so you don’t run out of things. In cities like Berlin, cafes and restaurants stay open all weekend so you can still enjoy your weekend brunch.

If you are visiting smaller towns, bear in mind that most restaurants will only serve sausage and meat on the menu. However, in the cities, there are plenty of veggie and vegan options available. 

Go and explore

There are many beautiful places for you to explore in Germany, from bustling cities to picturesque landscapes. Germany is also home to one of the most modern transportation systems worldwide, making it easy to get around. You can use the bus, tram, underground subway or commuter rail. Just make sure to pay for and validate your ticket before getting on a train to avoid a hefty fine.


Recycling is a big part of German culture. Make sure to recycle your plastic bottles in the recycling depots in grocery stores. You can drop the bottles in and collect a refund of up to 25 cents. If you aren’t going to recycle, make sure to leave your bottle for a local to do so instead.