Pools are great, especially when you have your own private one in the garden.

They can transform your summer. They are brilliant exercise (and plus, think of the parties).

However, if you’ve ever looked on a site like compass-pools.co.uk the swimming pool builders, then you will know that they come in many shapes and sizes and so you might be unsure about how to proceed and which one to go for.

Never fear, for I am here! Let me take you through the most popular types of pool and then you can make your own mind up on which one to go for.

Type 1 … and Type 2

Outdoor swimming pool

Now, there are two main types and it’s difficult to say which one is better as they both cater to different needs and wants.

First, we have the outdoor pool. These are usually the most popular and sell the best. They can look stunning in the garden, plus you can decorate around the pool to turn your garden into a lagoon or tropical paradise.

Indoor swimming pool

The second type is – you guessed it – the indoor pool. These are also popular, however are more difficult to install.

They are hard to find space for and so they usually require an extra building to be built around them.

Indoor pools are great as they are usually warmer and cleaner as they don’t have all that nasty debris falling into them; like bugs and leaves.

It’s your choice, at the end of the day. Indoor or outdoor?

The Sub Categories

Yes, more choice is better. Now you have sorted out your location you will want to refine your choice.

The DIY Pool

This one won’t be for everyone. However, if your handy and know a lot about pools, there is nothing stopping you doing it yourself.

You can buy all the materials and then construct the pool yourself. Companies, like the one mentioned above, have an option to cater for people who wish to do a DIY pool.

The Infinity Pool

Infinity pool

Usually more expensive, but a lot more luxurious. You know the pool I’m talking about; the pool where the water overlaps the end of the pool giving the illusion that the water is never-ending.

If you place one of these on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean you will get the sensation that you are in the great wide sea yourself; your own personal slice of heaven.

Natural Pools

Natural pool

Unlike the other two I’ve just mentioned, this one only really works outside. These look great in the garden and what makes them ‘natural’ is that they are surrounded by plant life, giving them look of your own personal pond or natural lake.

Picked one Yet?

I know, I know, there is so much to choose from, where do you start? It can be a difficult decision, however once you make it, you’ll know if it is the right one or not.

Once it’s all decided and the plans are in motion, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the long days of bathing in the sunshine … unless of course you choose the DIY option.