Real estate is a great place to put your money and watch it grow.

In fact, why wait? Many people who buy to invest use their properties as rentals and then resell when the market is at its peak. Either way real estate is a great way to make money. In this article, I will be detailing some of the best places to invest around the world. 

Let’s start our trip, in the UK.

Buying in Liverpool

Liverpool Skyline Pier head sunset

When most people think of real estate in England, they may think of high-priced luxury flats in London or charming cottages in the countryside, but those markets are very saturated and the prices don’t offer the investment opportunity they once did. Property investment Liverpool, on the other hand, offers everything you need for a great return on investment. 

Research shows that Liverpool is one of the best places to purchase. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Rental Yields – Liverpool properties offer an impressive ten per cent compared to other areas that are only in the eight per cent range
  2. High Demand – Liverpool has it all from higher education to multiple medical centres and hospitals
  3. Growth – capital growth is critical especially in 2020 – Liverpool despite all of this offers a growth rate of over four per cent per annum – Rentals also show an increase of three and a half per cent

With these types of stats, it is no wonder that people are keen on purchasing in this area. To find a property that will provide you with a great return be sure to enlist the help of a property investment Liverpool agency that can help you source, invest, and sell your property.

An Island Get Away 

Blue lagoon cyprus pafos in the national park akamas

Next, let’s take a quick trip to another exciting location, the island of Cyprus!

For people who love a holiday (and who doesn’t), Cyprus has long been a popular destination. It offers a  beautiful Mediterranean sea and beaches and nightlife attract tourists all year round. You may be surprised to learn that Cyprus also offers quieter residential homes that are perfect for investment and offer a unique citizenship track to EU residents as well. 

To get started it is always a good idea to take a pilot trip. Get a chance to visit various neighbourhoods to understand their unique offering as well as pricing. Here are a few of the most popular places to invest in:

  • Paphos
  • Limassol
  • Larnaca

To take advantage of the investment programme offer and track to citizenship you will have to meet some basic criteria. The track, however, is transparent and easy to understand. Once complete, you can receive the following benefits:

  1. Full Cypriot citizenship which can be passed down
  2. Free roam without a visa in over one hundred and seventy-three countries
  3. Tax breaks
  4. Access to education and medical benefits

The vacation rentals are also a popular investment option to pay off your mortgage and earn passive income.

Go South – American South that is

Houses against the midtown. Atlanta, GA. USA

You may be surprised to find that American real estate is still a smart investment option but it is. If you know where to buy you can expect an impressive kickback from your purchase. One of the most popular things to do with real estate in America is to “flip it“. 

Many shows feature Atlanta homes that have been “flipped” with returns being between $60-$100,000!

With the cost of living being affordable, great places to dine out, and over fifty colleges and universities, these houses sell fast.