Reception area - Photo by Lake Point Tower

As the initial professional point of contact, it’s important that a good first impression creates a great lasting impression; which is why many offices invest in a well-presented reception area.

From meeting new clients to interviewing prospective employees, striking the right balance of interior design and furniture can make all the difference in creating new – as well as maintain existing – business relationships.

No matter how great your company is, or how interested customers are, if the front of your business looks scruffy than it is bound to put potential clients off, even if the rest of your office is a proverbial wonderland of technology.

Google Zurich Office Reception - Photo by andrewarchy

Worldwide brands such as Google and Red Bull are renowned for their impressive reception areas, furnishing these spaces with quirky designs and innovative furniture. However, it is imperative that a company understands its target audience – thereby tailoring their business to attract the interest of their target market; which is why the likes of Google and Red Bull have been so successful. Google even installed a twisty slide in the reception of their San Francisco HQ, which has been proven to keep employees happy and also got everyone talking.

In addition to being stylish, practical considerations should also be taken into account. Space is essential, but is your company the type of workplace that expects regular deliveries as well as large amounts of people on a daily basis? In that case, a designated waiting area should be kept clean and presentable – with the relevant reading materials provided as well as displays to promote the company’s services.

Is your reception manned by a single person, or are there several receptionists operating within this area? Not only should your front desk be clean and tidy, but your receptionist must be highly affable. Dealing with anything from face to face contact to telephone enquiries, they should have excellent communication skills and be well-dressed as they are essentially the face of the company – and should therefore represent the company in the best possible manner.

Dentist Reception - Photo by supafly

Conveying the best possible representation in the reception area is dependent on the type of business being run. Everyone from a dentist’s office to a fashion empire needs a decent reception area, if only to meet and greet clientele. Portraying the strengths of your brand relies on a decent office space, and the reception area is one of the key aspects of this challenge. Reflecting the core concept of your business through appropriate mediums (furniture, lighting, wall art etc) is essential.

This can be achieved by enlisting the assistance of a qualified office design expert, who can talk you through the necessary changes to turn your reception area into a bustling hive of activity and help to develop an image that is bespoke to the company’s needs.

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