You don’t need to be an expert plumber to know that your property has a drainage problem.

However, it doesn’t mean that all manifestations of faulty drainage problems are apparent. Some indications can be subtle, and you might not notice these problems until they become worse.

So, here are the four hints of drainage problems you need to watch out for when inspecting your property:

Gushing Gutters

Do you look at your gutters while it’s raining, and the scenery reminds you of the Niagara Falls?  The mini waterfall flowing over your gutters means that debris is blocking the flow. Leaves, twigs, stems, and rocks can be the culprits of this concern. Otherwise, some squirrels decided to store their acorns in your gutters, thereby preventing the proper flow of water through the drainage system.

If you don’t take immediate action, the debris left in the gutters can rot, causing damage and destruction to the property’s paint job and structural integrity. Make sure to remove the obstructions as soon as the rain stops.

Perhaps, the best-case scenario for this concern is that leaves are clogging the downspout. So, all you need to do is to clear them out using appropriate tools. But, if you have undersized or improperly-pitched gutters, chances are you need to replace these components.

But, don’t stop your gutter maintenance procedure after removing the debris. Ensure that the water flows through a channel to avoid your property accumulating stagnant water. If you’re searching for channel drainage systems, they can be found here.

Water Stains In The Basement

Water stain on ceiling

Imagine the following scenario: you’re watching your favorite TV show in your basement’s home entertainment system. Then, a spot in the wall suddenly catches your attention, and you begin to think, “That stain wasn’t there before.”

The chances are that the stain comes from excess moisture in the area caused by a weak drainage system. Water stains found at the top areas of the foundation wall indicates that the problem comes from an outside source. Locate the source to avoid the risk of natural causes, like rain, to aggravate the issue and check your home’s rain gutters for clogs. Also, search the property for standing water in the soil.

However, if you see a continuous water line in your basement, particularly on the floor, you might be facing a more serious matter than clogged gutters. A constant line of water stain means there’s a fluctuating water table in the area, causing water leaks in your home. If you don’t fix this problem soon, you might wake up to a flooded basement.

Solve these issues by clearing the basement of all furniture and other items of value. Then, invest in a sump pump to help maintain the integrity and efficiency of your home’s drainage system.

Backed Up Drains

Do you notice water backing up after flushing water down the toilet?  Perhaps, the first thing in your mind is that your pipes have damages. But, what are those damages?

If you live in a property that is surrounded by trees, chances are roots have invaded your drainage system’s pipes. These roots can sometimes find their way into the joints and crevices of pipes. Also, since water runs through those pipes, it’s like a water buffer for those plants.

Roots tend to wrap around pipes quickly, but this scenario still depends on the type of plant. Nonetheless, roots that cause water to back up sinks and toilets are still reasons for concern.

Find the offending roots and remove them from the pipes. Then, wrap a filter fabric on those pipes to help keep those pesky roots from finding their way into the pipes again.

Foundation Cracks

Cracked brick foundation

Sometimes, cracks may appear in your property’s foundation. These cracks can materialise due to occurrences in mother nature, for example land movement from flooding. Although the small cracks tend to be harmless these fissures may grow over time. However, keep a close eye on cracks that are larger than 1/8 inches wide as these damages can continue to widen.

If a small crack appears in your property’s foundation, you can install one load of concrete on the offending area. But, if the cracks continue to widen, don’t hesitate to call a structural engineer to help you with this concern.


Don’t disregard these signs of drainage problems in your property. Keep a watchful eye for drainage problem indicators, like blocked gutters, backed up drains, foundation cracks, and water stains, in the basement. You can fix these concerns using DIY techniques. But, don’t hesitate to call professionals for expert help when needed.