There are many articles on the Internet regarding how to get rid of clutter, however, the problem is that the clutter only disappears for a week or two, and then it is back again like a bad smell.

So, how do you make sure you are free of clutter forever? Here are some suggestions to help you live a clutter-free life for good.

One in, one out

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One of the most important rules you need to follow in order to get rid of clutter forever is the one in, one out rule. This means that whenever you buy something new for your home, you need to get rid of something you already have in order to accommodate it.

There are a number of benefits associated with this. Not only does it make sure that you keep your clutter under control, but it forces you to think about purchases carefully so that you do not waste money on things you do not need. has also put together a guide on how to become a minimalist with your bathroom.

Set up an eBay shop

See your clutter as an opportunity to make some extra cash. All you need is an eBay store and a shipping service like Shiply and you are good to go.

This is a great solution for anyone that has huge amounts of clutter and lots of goods that they have been holding onto for many years. Instead of these products going to waste, they can be used to give you a bit of spare cash.

Make sure everything has a logical place

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This is especially important in the kitchen. One of the reasons why clutter starts to build again is because we have not logically stored our belongings to begin with.

Yes, your items may be out of sight. However, if you store a pan that you use most days in the back of your kitchen cupboard, you are going to have a hassle on your hands every time you need to use it, and this is how mess accumulates.

Put everything away once it has been used

This is often the most difficult rule to implement, but once you start to do it again and again, it will become a natural habit. After all, that is how clutter begins – as soon as your standards slip and you leave one plate on the table or one magazine on the floor, it then becomes two, and before you know it, your house is a mess again!

As you can see, there are a number of rules and approaches you need to implement to ensure that you are free of clutter forever. If you follow the tips that have been presented above, you should have no trouble banishing clutter from your house once and for all.

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