Most homeowners invest so much time and money into making the outside and inside of their house look beautiful without any consideration for the front and back gardens.

To really add value to your home, giving it a warm, beautiful environment (not to mention make the neighbours jealous!), I’ll give you a few tips as to why making your garden look pretty is the way forward.

  • Flower Power. Spring is slowly creeping in, so it’s time to add more than just the bitter white frost to your garden’s colour palette. Spend some time planning and experimenting on the different types of plants and flowers to ensure your garden is full of life and energy. Don’t just stick to containers, get your hands dirty and grow from your garden’s core to really add some vibrancy.
  • Fencing. Borders and fencing truly give a garden a neat, crisp and professional finish. If you’re looking for something away from the tradition, maybe something zany, I definitely recommend fitting in some picket fences. A picket fence will give your garden a cosy cottage-like feel, and they never, and never will, go out of fashion.
  • Outdoor Furniture. Out on the market there’s an array of choice when it comes to garden furniture. From your expensive and luxurious pieces, to your cheaper, more economical sets. Depending on how much cash you wish to part with, I’d say this is potentially the centerpiece to your garden, especially in the warmer months. If the weather permits, those long summer nights, started with a barbecue, will end on a high with a few glasses of wine on a cosy cushioned bench. Not to mention, outdoor furniture makes the garden look inviting and encourages you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.
  • Water, water everywhere… Fitting a pond, or mini-waterfall gives any garden a calmer feel. Imagine sitting back on a cosy cushioned bench with a good book, with the soothing sound of water in the distance. You’d never want to leave!
  • Welcome To My Garden. Two huge conifers or evergreens at the entrance to a garden most definitely act as a, big, yet subtle, greeting for visitors. The imposing greenery almost play hide and seek with the pathway giving the garden a sense of beauty and mystery.
  • Hot Tubs. Hot tubs are becoming something more of a must-have in gardens nowadays. They’re perfect for any type of climate and there’s enough choice out there for you to fit the style of your dream garden. If you want to save money on electricity then go for a tub with high efficient energy. Something peculiar like a hot tub really adds value and attraction to a garden.
  • Ornaments. Signs and statues add character and excitement to your garden. Just be sure not to overdo it and clutter up the gardens natural beauty!

So there you have it. Some simple little secrets that don’t necessarily have to break the bank and a touch of class to your front or back gardens.