The combination of a cute little plant and an equally cute plant pot can be a overload of miniature awesome.

Miniature plants are a great way of increasing your houseplant collection and acquiring new species of plants without taking up too much room.

A lot of plants can also be bought cheaply at plant nurseries in their younger form. You can re-pot them as they grow older and bigger.

Miniature plant pots can be perfect for succulents, cacti and other plants that are likely spend quite a quite a while in a relatively small size, ideally before they become root-bound.

We have collected some of our favourite recent miniature planters and plant pots for you to enjoy!

© FireproofCabbage

FireproofCabbage on r/Succulents at Reddit had the amazing idea of re-using a silicon cake mould as a mini planter for their lovely moonstone plant.

The label also is a really lovely touch.

© shirleex

Feeling hungry? This donut is suspiciously good at holding plants.

© Sugar & Cloth

We love this DIY miniature pots from Sugar & Cloth, in the photo above you can see one housing an air-plant.

© JasmineSupply

From JasmineSupply on Etsy.

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Finishing up these mini planters for @birdfolkcollective

A post shared by Monica (@seaandasters) on

Lovely handmade mini pots from Monica @seaandasters for @birdfolkcollective.

With love this from Australian outfit @ruby_and_frank_studio

From @homegrownceramics_la

Another little beauty from @ruby_and_frank_studio.

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