For homeowners, the dawn of spring means that it is time to complete some chores and repairs that which may have been wreaked by the winds of winter.

Taking care of the home equates to protecting an investment, and it helps to ensure that small repairs don’t perpetuate into big problems for the homeowners when they least expect them to.

When creating a springtime maintenance checklist, make sure to pay special attention to the following areas:


One of the most important spring maintenance chores for the home is the roof. After the winter, shingles may be missing, and it may be necessary to contact a roofing professional to give it a good once-over. In fact, according to the roofing specialists at Ideal Roofing, “Spring is the perfect time to hire a professional roofing company to do an inspection on the roof.”

Allowing debris to accumulate, or neglecting to replace shingles, may result in costly leaks and property damage. Don’t overlook the chimney, flashing, vents, and any skylights during roofing repairs. Remove any obstructions and check the seals to ensure leaks don’t occur during spring storms and summer rain.


Yard & Garden

Spring is the perfect time to pressure-wash the deck and remove any grime or dirt from the previous season. It also makes sense to make this the time to re-stain or touch-up the paint on the deck, which will help homeowners preserve their property’s curb appeal. If the home currently doesn’t have a deck, again springtime is ideal for adding these features to the property.

Homeowners have many options in terms of building materials for an outdoor deck. Experts report that while wood is the most common choice, synthetics are becoming more and more popular because of their resistance to the elements.


The Exterior

If you are renting a pressure-washer for the deck, use it to give the sides of the house a quick cleaning. Remove the mud, dirt, and road-grime that can build up on the siding or exterior walls throughout the year.

Double check the gutters to be sure there are no sags or leaks between the segments, and wash windows thoroughly. This may also provide the opportunity to evaluate which windows need repairs, or in some cases replacement.


Give the driveway a bit of attention by grading and edging the drive with either pavers or aggregate. A great year-round solution for the driveway is to invest in professional paving. Asphalt is a versatile and affordable paving material that makes it easy to clear snow in winter and dirt or debris in summer.


Maintaining the home is something that can help prevent minor issues from becoming big problems. Plan on addressing these areas of the home to make your spring about relaxing and enjoying the great weather, rather then trying handle maintenance issues.

If you have any home maintenance tips for spring that you recommend, please let us know in the comments below.

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