Boosting the appeal of a garden takes some unique ideas and dedication, but it can be done.

Those with green thumbs will have no problem incorporating these five tips into an enjoyable, functional garden that enhances the look of the overall property.

Match the garden with the exterior style of the house.

Whether one has a farm, bungalow, cottage or contemporary, the style of the garden should blend well with the home. Having dueling styles can be off-putting, creating chaos and conflict where there should be none. Instead, homeowners should carry their home’s style into the garden’s landscape to keep the setting grounded and harmonize (source: This Old House). For example, place iron urns on terra-cotta pedestals to jive with a rustic entry way paved in natural stone.

Integrate the use of patio loungers.

Not only do patio loungers offer a comfortable place to sit or lie down, they also add an indisputable element of decor about the space. From chaise loungers with arms to beach loungers adorned with bold-patterned cushions, use this opportunity to create an atmosphere of relaxing enjoyment on a summer afternoon (source: Terra Patio). You can do this through strategic placement of teak loungers that beckon young and old to take a load off and rest.

Explore unique outdoor-worthy materials.

Rather than always reach for the genuine wicker patio sets that withstand all the elements but can get pretty expensive, invest in roll-arm wicker chairs that are more affordable. The bonus here is you can spray them with weatherizer such as marine varnish to still protect them from the rain and sun.

Don’t forget the lighting.

A garden isn’t just something to be enjoyed during the day. Why not create a romantic setting for the evening with electric lights to spotlight your hard work on the shrubbery, plants and flowers? Streetlight-style lamps in particular make any garden stand out, while highlighting your patio accoutrements.

Make the plants stand out.

Those who have favorite plants they love to admire at eye level rather than burying them in the ground can utilize potters and planters to house their most prized blooms, such as Agaves and Aeoniums. Pick up a vintage pine table and stagger planters in different colors and styles.

An outdoor garden can be embellished with these simple tips.

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