Wooden flooring can turn an attractive home into a stunning home, although you will need to know how to keep it looking at its best.

We all love that just cleaned look as your wooden flooring boasts the perfect glistening finish.

It’s enough to make former housekeepers jealous! But how do we get that smear-free perfect shine? We reveal the not so top secret formula….

Concentrated cleaner + A microfiber cloth + Elbow grease = Immaculate wooden flooring!

There’s no special cleaning agent, wax or solutions just a regular concentrated cleaner, dry cloth and a bit of dedication will have your wooden floors glistening in no time.

For ease the cloth can be replaced with a flat dry microfiber mop – great for getting around secured furnishings and fittings or those with mobility issues.

An all in one system is more efficient too as the cleaning solution is combined as opposed to carrying it round separately. The majority of microfiber heads are also machine washable.

Cleaning Myths to Avoid

Get Your Wooden Flooring Gleaming - Kensington Espresso Oak


Excessive water can cause lifting, warping or even cracking of your wooden flooring. That’s a no to steam mops too, the moisture soaks through the boards causing wood expansion as well as the above defects.

White vinegar

Unless you want your home to smell like your local chippy, don’t use white vinegar as your cleaning agent. I’m sure you’re well aware of the potent scent it carries, no tea lights or incense sticks can cover it. Sure it will fade out over a couple of days but unless you’ve got pegs at the ready for your guests’ noses don’t go for this technique.

Home remedies

Get Your Wooden Flooring Gleaming - Heritage Oak

Two part egg white, a sprinkle of baking soda and a dash of washing up liquid, all blended together with a healthy dose of tomato sauce. We’ve heard it all! Unless you’re a cleaning professional up to the Kim and Aggie standard with your tried and tested methods, don’t risk home remedies on your wooden flooring. You never know what effect it can have on the wood – from staining and discolouring to cracking and lifting, it really isn’t worth the risk.


Hoovering over your wooden flooring may seem like a good idea for any loose dirt or debris however many people use the wrong vacuum attachments causing scratching and marking of the floor. Pulling the machine across the floor can also cause damage if anything gets caught in the wheels. A medium bristle sweeping brush does the same job minus the risk. For debris embedded into the flooring joins, a thin brush, such as a toothbrush, does the trick.

Don’t go into a cleaning frenzy – Your flat dry mop and a good concentrated cleaning agent is enough to keep your wooden floors looking perfect. All that’s left to do now is give it a try!