The aim of investing in properties these days is to boost its value. 

Placing a composite fence is one of the most affordable ways of increasing your property’s value. This type of fencing was introduced into the real estate market in late 2007, since then it has been accepted into the mainstream and is particularly popular for its ease of maintenance and eco-friendliness. 

Composite fences are made with composite materials – a combination of recycled wood fibres, shavings and chips, recycled thermoplastics, pulp, hulls, straws etc. This makes it longer-lasting, resilient and more lightweight than other fencing materials. Plus, they have improved tremendously over the years due to technological advancement. 

This type of fencing is known to have five times greater durability than other fencing materials. Also, with the improvement made in the finishing, you will have no worries over the strength and versatility of your fencing material. 

Adding composite fences to your property can also significantly improve your outdoor aesthetics, adding to your home’s curb appeal and enhancing the privacy and security of your environment. 

House and garden securely fenced in.

Let’s explore in detail how composite fences increase your property’s value. 

Long lasting

Property fencing is a big investment, and you would want to ensure it lasts for the longest possible time. While most timbre wood fences have a life span of 9 to 25 years (though this is determined by elemental exposure and type), composite material is very long-lasting and is not prone to weather damage or pest attack. Composite fences can remain functional for over 35 years. This reflects the composite material’s durability. 

You wouldn’t need to replace or spend money frequent repairs, as they are easy to fix and are impervious to fading and rotting. They are also characterised by great strength and resilience because they combine the qualities of wood and plastic, and never rust as it is typical of iron fences.

Low Maintenance

Years ago, metal was regarded as the lowest maintenance fencing material, but nowadays it is not. Metal is not as aesthetically appealing as other fencing material, whereas the timbre wood fence is visually pleasing to see, but it suffers from moisture damage and rot, which negatively impact its lifespan and functionality.

Repairing and painting wooden fence

This is the reason why wood fence owners spend money excessively on sealing and staining, which are usually time-consuming and burdensome. 

The composite material is uniquely distinctive and this cannot be said for metal, vinyl and wooden products. It is made of plastic, making it impervious to insect and pest attack and most composite fences have an external layer which protects the fence from extreme temperature and moisture. 

Cleaning is easy with just soapy water, which will help retain its aesthetic appeal and it’s not effected by extreme weather conditions. Therefore, saving you money on high maintenance cost.


Although the vinyl fence is considered low maintenance, it is prone to cracks and breakage. On the other hand, the composite fence is dense and long-lasting by its very nature. It will never crack, warp or chip, making it ideal for security fencing. 


Composite fences are very aesthetically pleasing. It gives off the beauty of wood without the high maintenance and low durability. You can purchase composite fences that are designed with natural or stained wood colours and as they are available in a variety of sizes and styles, that will blend with the appearance of your property’s outdoors, significantly boosting your home’s curb appeal.

Friendly to the Environment

We live in an era of environmental consciousness or egocentrism and everyone needs to make at least small efforts to protect our planet from further destruction. Composite fences suit this purpose, as they are made from recycled materials like recycled plastic and wood, and they’re never stained with chemicals and toxic additives.

Plastic bottles sorted for recycling

Whereas most wooden fences are treated with toxic pesticides that can leak into the surrounding area. They can also cause havoc if inhaled. Hence, composite fences are ‘green’ and more energy efficient. 

Long-Term Value

Traditional wooden fencing option may seem cheaper, but they have a very low lifespan. Incurring high maintenance costs, frequent repairs and replacements. Unfortunately, this can zap away at your finances. Composite fences on the other hand may cost more to purchase, but they are easy and cheap to maintain and highly durable, so you wouldn’t have to channel your money into staining and repainting.