Children appear as if they are going to stay young forever, yet age like everyone else.

Well, unless they are vampires, and then they will live as young people to the end of days. But, because most kids are regular human beings, you need to deal with the fact that they will get older. Damn it!

Of course, growing older and becoming independent is a big part of the problem for parents because it’s hard to accept. However, this isn’t the only thing which is frustrating.

Keeping up with their growth spurts is almost impossible because it happens often, and that can leave their bedroom in disarray.

Simply put, the room might resemble that of a small child’s when they are, in fact, tweenagers and soon to be teenagers. Because their room is a major part of their life, it’s essential that it transforms into a representation of their personality.

With that in mind, here are the tips that will help you adapt a kid’s bedroom.

Invest In Timeless Pieces

One way to adapt a room to the child is to buy everything in advance. That way, there is no need to change pretty much anything because it will all be ready for the transition.

Of course, incorporating pieces which aren’t very childlike isn’t a good idea when they are only babies. After all, it’s neither practical nor pleasing on the eye.

However, it is possible to sneak things into a kid’s bedroom if they are timeless. Take furniture as an example. Wardrobes and bureaus with more space to grow aren’t going to seem silly even if the child is only a baby.

And, the extra space means there is no need to throw it away anytime soon. Juvenile pieces always seem like the best choice as they are very cute and adorable.

After a couple of weeks, though, the novelty will wear off and they will seem too childlike for your rapidly growing son or daughter.

Opt For Multi-Purpose Furniture

Kids’ Bedrooms: Evolving The Room As They Grow

‘Multi-purpose’ doesn’t mean flexible in the normal sense. In interior design, the phrase often refers to a piece of furniture which has more than one use, such as a coffee table or bathroom mirror.

In this case, the connotations are more to do with adaptability. It doesn’t matter if a piece of furniture has more than one purpose if the style isn’t immature.

Whether you use it for one thing or another doesn’t matter as it maintains its look. However, if you can change the appearance by adding a different element, you’re much more likely to make a difference.

This is what parents do when they invest in an adult desk or dresser. Instead of a normal changing table, the desk won’t go out of fashion. And, a simple click-on changing mat is all that’s needed to make it a safe place to change a child.

Keep Plenty Of Space

It’s so easy to see unused space and fill it with something unnecessary. Sadly, it’s also human nature because open space isn’t appealing to the eye.

As a result, the temptation is hard to resist. But, try as hard as possible to leave some room for a growing child. No matter how hard you try, there are going to be adjustments in the near future.

The two tips above will help minimise change, yet they don’t eradicate it completely. When the time comes to renovate, it’s far easier to add elements to open space than it is to remove and restructure the room.

Of course, there might not be much spare space going anyway if the room is quite small. However, there is always some space lying around – you just have to know how to exploit it.

Single To Double

Kids’ Bedrooms: Evolving The Room As They Grow

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One reason extra space is necessary is the bed. In the beginning, feather and black beds for kids are more than enough to provide them with a good night’s sleep.

But, then the children start to grow and a single bed becomes defunct. If they have a particularly big spurt, their legs might stick out the bed and their head touch the headboard.

For obvious reasons, you can’t let this continue for long, which is why a double bed is the only option. Hopefully, they only have to share it with one person (themselves!), yet they will need more room to manoeuvre.

Although it can seem like overkill, it is a very good way of catering to their needs. Plus, there isn’t a kid on the planet that doesn’t love the idea of a double bed.

It’s a win-win situation as long as you can fit one in the first place. There is no need to buy a California king mattress because that’s too large. Still, there is nothing wrong with a queen-sized bed.

Go Neutral

Parents always debate the big, existential questions of being a parent like ‘what colour should we paint the bedroom? Neutral colours are the best option, but it isn’t because the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

No, it’s because neutral hues and expensive fittings stand the test of time. Let’s face it – no one wants to splash out every couple of months.

It’s too costly and too much hassle to be making constant changes, so you need features that will last. You want an element like the floor, to then maintain its style from a young age to an older one.

Thankfully, an impartial colour does just that as it is far more adult. It isn’t grown up enough to look out of place in a child’s room, but it also isn’t immature like pink or baby blue.

As a result, there will be no need to make massive changes anytime soon. Light colours like crème and white tend to be the most popular as they are the most flexible.

Add Personal Accessories

Kids’ Bedrooms: Evolving The Room As They Grow

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The perceptive people among you will notice an issue between avoiding childlike features. Quite simply, they are kids and everything they love or do is childlike.

So, to avoid these features would be to omit any personality from their bedroom. So, what’s the answer? Well, the first thing to note is that there is no need to shun things like toys or computer games.

A child’s bedroom is a sanctuary, so it should be a place where they can go and relax and unwind. The trick is to take them away and introduce new ones as their tastes evolve.

Kids change their mind about the weather, which means any current trend will disappear in a few weeks. When it does and they pick a new one, don’t be afraid to use the new hobby as a decorative tool.

That way, the room will grow along with your child. Plus, it will also be full of personality and character.


It is your child’s room, which means they need consulting. Parents are awesome at taking control and doing it for the sake of their son or daughter.

In reality, this is a cop out because you want to renovate a certain way. However, you’re more likely to lose the innocence of the room if you don’t consult your children.

They are the ones with the knowledge because they are kids. Anyway, they are the people who have to live in it when the project is over. Sure, you will have the final say in all matters, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for advice.

You never know – they might have a couple of ideas up their sleeve.