You work hard to make the best choices for your business to thrive, so you also want to make sure you have an office space that reflects this without the need for you to micromanage what goes on there.

A serviced office can be a fantastic choice to give you the freedom to focus on growing your business, while safe in the knowledge that your staff and clients are well catered for. Here’s a guide to some of the benefits of renting a serviced office space.

Location, Location, Location

Generally boasting prime business locations in city centres with stylishly designed offices close to major transportation hubs, serviced offices allow your business card to resonate with impressive details, enhancing your professional reputation. It also makes the prospect of taking your future employees, suppliers or even the dreaded bank manager for a tour a whole lot easier.

Check out Landmark PLC for some of the most prestigiously located serviced offices London has to offer, right in the heart of The City – an office here is sure to wow your prospective clients! As well as being right in the heart of London’s financial and business hub, there are plenty of fantastic restaurants and bars, like Duck & Waffle, for entertaining clients after-hours.

Get Started Straight Away

Benefits Of Serviced Offices In The City - Man Sat At Desk In Office.

A serviced office space comes ready made to move straight in, fully equipped with all the kit you need like plenty of Internet connection points and strong Wi-Fi, office furniture, and even a kitchen area for staff to relax in during coffee breaks.

Serviced office spaces will usually also include other facilities you might not be able to afford otherwise – such as on-site security, in-house IT and communications departments, general management facilities, and parking.

If you were to buy or rent a non-serviced office space, you’d have to arrange all of these extras separately and pay for them out of your own pocket at a higher cost, so it really is worth it. All of the features included with the space will be covered by your monthly rent; and any extra equipment you need can usually be negotiated at the start of your lease so there are no hidden extras.

Networking Opportunities

Benefits Of Serviced Offices In The City - Two Men Networking

A serviced office space puts you right in the heart of a networking opportunity. Where else can you get the chance to mingle and discuss different ideas with a wide variety of professionals from different industries every single day, without even having to leave your office?

You can often find a wide variety of start-ups, small businesses, divisions of national or international companies… the list is endless! Of course not every business in the building will be relevant to yours, but you never know what a little networking could achieve.

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