The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide

Kitchen renovations are no small task. They’re a huge undertaking. You need to do a pretty big job to get everything done.

Where do you start? Where do you end? You’ll be asking yourself those questions and plenty more. The problem with kitchen renovations is where to start.

A job like this needs to be looked at in terms of the big picture. That can make things a little daunting. Knowing where to begin the work is your starting point.

Luckily, we’ve made a guide that should make ordering your kitchen renovation work a little easier. Take a look.

Tear It Down

The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide

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Before you can even start on any renovations, you need to tear everything effectively out that you don’t want or need.

For the sake of this guide let’s assume you don’t want to keep anything of the existing kitchen. So you tear out absolutely everything. No cooker, no sink, no lights.

All the fixtures and fittings are gone. Let’s assume you’ve got a completely blank room.


The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide

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The first thing you need to do next is get the plumbing installed. In this case, a new sink. The sink should fit your needs.

If for whatever reason you’re converting the first floor of your home into a restaurant, you’re going to need a bigger sink to accommodate more plates.

If you’re not though, a regular sink will do. If you want to be a bit different, a dual sink is an option too. The plumbing should be installed by a professional. You don’t want to risk any leaks by doing it all yourself.


Before you do anything else, you need to get the flooring done. For kitchen floors, you want a surface that can be wiped or mopped clean. If you pick carpeting in your kitchen, you’re asking for trouble.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy cooking in bare feet. Just don’t get carpet. Tiles or a flat laminate flooring will be fine. It’s best to decide ahead of time if you want the design of your floor to match the rest of your kitchen.

For the sake of an example lets say you picked a black and white chessboard tile layout. This needs to go all through your kitchen while it’s still empty. Once that’s done, you can move on.

Walls & Ceiling

The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide

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It’s important to note that painted walls in the kitchen are a better idea than wallpaper. Kitchens can get quite hot. Kitchens also contain a lot of appliances that produce steam. Both those things can make your wallpaper wilt.

In some cases, it may even discolour the wallpaper. For that reason, it might be best to stay away from wallpaper. Paint the walls and ceiling next.

It’s best to go for light colours for the ceiling at least. The light colour will reflect the light downwards instead of absorbing the light, like a dark colour would.

Skirting Boards

If you plan to replace the existing ones, now is the time to do so. Find something that doesn’t clash too much with the floors or walls. They can stick out a bit too much if the colours don’t match.

It’s your decision however, and if you want your skirting boards a certain way you can have them like that.

Gas Fitting

The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide

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If you are going to fit a gas oven, it needs to be properly fitted. You need a certified gas fitter to do the job too. Don’t try doing it yourself or getting an uncertified friend or family member to do it.

Even if they do a good job, you are still putting yourself at legal risk. If there is a fire as a result of a gas leak, you can be made culpable. For the sake of yourself, just let a professional do it instead.

Electrics & Lights

If you’re completely redoing the lighting fixtures, these will be your next stop. You want to try having a fixture that will cover the whole of the kitchen. You should also get some B22 bayonet bulbs to go in the fixture.

These bulbs are LED as opposed to standard halogen bulbs. They can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. This means you’ll get a nice reduction in your energy cost.

Your light fixture doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Most kitchens have very simple lighting setups. If you find your fixture doesn’t quite light up the whole room, you can add additional lights where needed later on.

Cupboards & Surfaces

Now the kitchen is starting to take form. It’s just not quite functional yet. Wall and floor cupboards can be placed wherever you like them.

Usually, it’s best to have them going around the wall where the outwards facing window is. By placing them there, you will have a lot of natural light to work with when using the surfaces.

You don’t want it so dark you can’t even see what vegetables you’re cutting. As for adding the surfaces, pick one you can wipe down that doesn’t stain.

Marble is always a solid choice. It’s very strong and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth.


The Complete Kitchen Renovation Guide

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Now the kitchen is in a usable shape, let’s start filling it up with appliances. A kettle is required. A hot cup of tea is needed after all that renovation work.

A microwave in the corner will always come in handy. Don’t worry about getting a new one if you never really used it before anyway. Oven cooked or steamed meals are usually better, even if they are already prepared.

You also want a fridge or fridge freezer combo. If you’ve already got a freezer in the garage, just get a fridge. If you’ve got space and the money for it, get a large double doored fridge with an ice maker. Just for that extra touch of luxury.

That should just about cover everything when it comes to renovating a kitchen. Remember you can add other little touches even after the main renovation is done.

You can line the window sill with decorative objects. You can place a clock on the wall. It’s totally up to you.

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