Make Your Home More Exciting With These Amazing Accessories - From New York Times - Photographer HENRY BOURNE

Perfecting your home requires many different elements of design.

From the colour of paint you use in your bedroom to the style of tiles in your bathroom, each part of your home has to be carefully considered for your tastes and desires to be met.

It is possible to use a whole combination of colours, structures and styles to make your home your own, but how can you make your home more exciting and unique?

Below, we’ve put together some amazing accessories that you should consider for your property.

Invest in designer storage

Most homeowners complain about the lack of space in their properties, so investing in designer storage space is the best solution. You could invest in some wardrobe organisers to keep your clothes in the correct order or add some storage units to your living area to keep children’s toys at bay.

One popular solution is modular garage units, which can be used to separate spaces for different uses. For example, you may want a section of your garage to be used for storing tools and equipment, while another could be used for children’s toys and accessories.

The more flexibility you have over your storage, the more organised you will become.

Use hat and coat hooks

Make Your Home More Exciting With These Amazing Accessories - Peter Frank's house From HouseBeautiful - Photographer WILLIAM ABRANOWICZ

While perhaps the most traditional accessory on this list, installing hat and coat hooks can be a convenient option for busy homeowners.

Consider adding some satin or polished chrome Hooks to the back of your bathroom and en suite doors, and bright or satin stainless steel hooks to bedrooms, hallways and kitchens to provide convenient spaces to hang dressing gowns, coats, towels and aprons.

Work with a reputable company that offers door accessories UK, such as Handle Hardware, to ensure you find the best supplies for your home.

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Make your home bigger with mirrors

Adding mirrors to your home’s décor is a sensible option if you want to improve your property’s appearance. Not only are mirrors used several times a day to fix hair, brush teeth and prepare for the day ahead, but when placed from across a window, they can also bring in more natural light to your home, making it appear bright and spacious.

Make Your Home More Exciting With These Amazing Accessories - From New York Times - Photographer HENRY BOURNE

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What’s more, mirrors are affordable and effective and can be customised with unique frames.

Speak to your home with a voice-activated speaker

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Technology is moving fast – and it’s not just our smartphones that have been enjoying upgrades as of late. Devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are voice-activated, and allow you to speak to your home.

If you want to write a shopping list, order some toilet roll, book a cab to the city, play an audiobook while you clean or order a pizza, you can do so. What’s more, smart home devices are affordable, with the Echo Dot coming in at just £50.

By adding some simple accessories to your home, you can make your home more reliable, convenient and flexible. Which of our suggestions was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.