If you feel your home is a little cold and uninviting, or perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new property that doesn’t quite feel like ‘home’ yet, you probably want to make the place more cosy, warm, and welcoming.

The good news is; there are loads of ways you can do it, and you wouldn’t believe just how simple they are! Here are a few of our favourite ways to get you started:

Cosy room

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Enhance Familiarity with Furniture

You’ve probably hunted all over the place for furniture to call your own, but chances are you’re deciding what to buy purely based on looks. This is a rookie mistake, as what you really want to do is enhance the feel of familiarity in a room with the help of furniture. When choosing your furniture, you need to picture it in your home and how it will make you feel. Can you picture curling up on that comfy settee with your favourite book? If not, this isn’t the piece for you. Furniture should be both comfortable and stylish, and if you need to compromise a little on style to get maximum comfort, you should!

Use Lots of Texture

One very simple thing you can do to create a more welcoming a cosy home is to use plenty of different textures. The idea is to make visitors want to touch everything, or almost everything in the room! Fluffy carpets, textured wallpaper, and even smooth wooden furniture will all add to the effect. If you want something different, try something like these owl cushions. Different fabrics and textures can also help a larger room to feel less spacious and give a cosy effect!

Don’t Buy Sets

Almost everybody purchases a set when they buy furniture for the home. Mix things up a bit for more interest, by choosing contrasting furniture, patterns, and colours to create a look that’s all your own.

Use Warm Colours

Everybody knows that there are warm colours and cold colours – no, not the way they feel when you touch them, rather the way they make you feel when you see them. Colours have a tremendous amount of power and can change the ambience of a room instantly! Warm tones like peach, orange, brown, and red can all help to make a room appear much more cosy and inviting.

Various Sources of Lighting

Lighting can have a truly magical effect on a room, and many people forget it. Literally a few subtle changes to lighting and you can create whatever look you like; a bigger room, a longer room, and of course; a cosier room. Only use ceiling lights for large gatherings and events, and scatter lamps about the place to make a cosier atmosphere.

Let YOU Shine Through

Above all, you need to make sure that you let your personality shine through in your decor. Simple things bring back such great memories, so don’t worry about your old CD collection lying around, or those little bear figurines you used to collect. Show everybody who you are to make your home more welcoming!

Here is a list of some really nice interior design ideas which you can use to enhance the interior of your home while saving some space.