A New Year tends to come hand in hand with an abundance of New Year’s resolutions.

You’ve no doubt made a pact with yourself to eat less junk and exercise more; perhaps you’ve decided to do a few odd jobs around the house too.

Well, why not make the most of your spare bedroom? Here you can learn how to do just that with a few helpful tips and tricks.

Make it Multi-Functional

How To Make The Most Of Your Spare Bedroom

It’s a bit of a luxury to have a spare bedroom and it doesn’t quite make sense to dedicate a whole room just for guests, given friends and family will stay the night once in a blue moon.

Instead of solely making the room a guest bedroom, utilise the extra space you have and kit it out with things that you can benefit from personally.

If you’re a book worm, you could add a bookshelf and a comfy armchair to your space. This way, you’ll have a peaceful spot to retire to when you fancy getting lost in your favourite book.

For the perfect reading spot, why not build a nook by the window? If you have a view, even better.

If you work from home, it might be worth you setting up a space upstairs for you to get well and truly stuck into the zone, without any distractions.

Working on your laptop in front of the TV, with easy access to the kitchen, means you’re surrounded by a million and one things that can interfere with your workflow.

A desk, chair and internet connection is all you need to create a decent working environment, so set up an office corner in your spare room and make the most of being able to have a designated area to work.

Add More Storage

While you may dream of turning your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe, it’s just not practical. However, you can have the best of both worlds; a place for your guests to rest their heads and extra storage space for your abundance of clothes.

Whether you decide to add a wardrobe, chest of drawers or storage chest is entirely your decision, and it depends on the amount of clothes you have, but the beauty of having more storage is that your bedroom will look less cluttered and you have no excuse not to shop – win-win!

It also means that family and friends will have a place to put their clothes when they come to stay.

Choose a Smaller Bed

How To Make The Most Of Your Spare Bedroom - Image From camillestyles.com - Photo By Molly Culver

Of course, you’ll want your guests to be comfortable at your home, but it’s not worth splashing out on a big bed frame for the sake of a night or two here and there, especially if your spare room isn’t the biggest. To truly make the most of the space in your spare room, opt for a smaller bed.

Comfortable small double mattresses can easily sleep two people, without sacrificing too much space. The last thing you want for your guests is for them to feel cramped, so a small double is the perfect option.

Now you know how to make maximise your spare room’s potential, you can get stuck in and create a room that both you and your guests love.

About the Author

Joy Richards is the resident sleep expert at online bed and mattress retailer Happy Beds. Joy runs The Comfort Zone, the company’s news hub, which helps customers to have a better night’s sleep and find the comfiest beds and mattresses for their homes.