Searching for the perfect pieces to rethink the home or office? Now it’s a new year, it couldn’t be a better time to discover this season’s most sought-after trends.

You can transform the look of each room without starting all over again, but how do you do this and what’s hot right now?

Splashes of gold and copper tones, crushed velvet and natural wooden constructions take centre stage for 2018 and it just so happens that top bloggers and interior stylists have honed in on the same themes and Cult Furniture has the products to match these trends.

Named Seventies Dreamin’, Heavy Metal and Natural Instinct, take a look at how these interior trends can revamp your space; whether you want to redesign the entire home or simply add a New Year twist into your commercial space, it couldn’t be easier.

Seventies Dreamin’

Taking it all the way back to the ‘70s, this season pays homage to the swinging decade when plush velvet and neon colours ruled. Regarded garish and bold by some, you may think this style may be a little too out there but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Introduce just a touch of this distinctive theme into your home with pops of neon green accessories, or go big by investing in the Cult Living Amelia sofa and throw geometric-quilted velvet cushions on top when you want to go that extra mile.

For those who dare, opt for pastel colour velvet stools and armchairs met by bright pink accents when it comes to hotel lounges and quirky bars.

Heavy Metal

You may have an idea of what you like, what you love and what wouldn’t work in the home. However, sometimes it’s important to consider styles that you may have dismissed before. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and imagine a room with no rules; bring vintage pieces together with modern creations, try deep hues with pops of bold colours or what about mixing metals?

One of the most standout looks that has risen in popularity has to be the mix and match of metal shades. Gone are the days of choosing only gold or silver. It’s all about grabbing brass accessories, such as lamps and mirrors, and throwing them in union with shiny gold-toned accents.

Modern and exciting, featuring high on many wish lists for this trend is the Comet lamp with its vintage-inspired look, offered in a range of metal finishes.

Natural Instinct

Last but absolutely not least, 2018 brings back the warm and cosy feel of neutral tones and wooden designs.

As well as white, tan and cream hues becoming favoured hues of the season, woven chairs are the most popular piece of furniture for all interiors. Put the two together and you’re ticking all the right boxes.

If the living room needs a makeover then consider mixing the comfort of the Cult Design Z Dane wooden lounge chair with the contemporary edge of the Cult Living Newton block table lamp, this will result in a modern vision that is both unique and welcoming.

Along with this, add extra ambience by including a throw over upholstered armchairs, or showcase a textured rug under a mid-century wooden coffee table. Think ski lodge elegance all year round.

So that’s a wrap! There’s no need to chuck everything out and start again this New Year, just rethink those little details with designs that mix style and function so you can get the most out of your space.

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