Have you noticed how pillow talk adds to the intimacy between you and your partner?

Whether you’re together after a long, hard day or just cuddling after a love making session, these intimate conversations, accompanied by physical touch, can work wonders on a relationship.

You might wonder what couples might have to talk about during such moments of potentially heightened intimacy, emotion and vulnerability.

However, researcher Amanda Denes of the University of California, Santa Barbara, while focusing on positive relational disclosures, revealed that pillow talk is not merely obligatory chit-chat, but more about the relationship the two people share.

This kind of communication is constructive in nature and includes disclosures like “I’m so glad to be with you” and “I Love you”, which go a long way in building the bond, trust, satisfaction and closeness between them.

However, too much intimate disclosures like comparison with a prior sexual partner or love affair might put the relationship at risk, where there are high chance of one partner feeling threatened.

Why Couples “Pillow Talk”

Understanding The Science Of Pillow Talk

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According to research published in the Western Journal of Communication, when partners get sexually intimate, they experience heightened feelings of comfort, trust and security with each other. This encourages them to express their feelings, which leads to greater relational disclosures.

Moreover, after sex, people feel much more at ease, and less stressed and anxious. Such a comfortable environment also facilitates disclosure, since human beings tend to keep important information inside when tense or anxious.

Men and Woman “Pillow Talk” Differently

Understanding The Science Of Pillow Talk

Another study revealed that women are more prone to indulge in post-coital “pillow talk”, while most men only listen. When compared to men, women tend to talk more intimately, reveal deeper and more personal information to their partner.

On the other hand, men prefer to keep their hold their partner in bed, and listen to what she has to say till they fall asleep.

Such behaviour in woman is facilitated by the release of a hormone, oxytocin, linked to bonding and trust, which is released during sexual activity, especially during an orgasm.

Men, on the other hand, experience higher testosterone levels before, during and after sex, a hormone which scientific studies have revealed is a suppressor of oxytocin.

This is why men are less likely to want to participate in post-sex communication. Men actually find it risky to reveal their personal and intimate information to the woman they love. They fear that any undesirable revelation can create distances between them.

Benefits of Pillow Talk

A brief intimate session pillow talk can be much more heart-warming than a long love making session, since it involves partners in their true mental and physical state.

They feel comfortable to be themselves, bringing them closer together. Pillow talk is also a good way to spend quality time, which is hard to come by in the otherwise hectic lives we lead.

In addition, venting bottled up feelings combats the communication issue that often is a leading cause of divorce.

So, go ahead and make your bed inviting for pillow talk with high quality luxury double bedding collections, cushion & pillow covers and strengthen your bond.