How Concrete Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Concrete Floor - Giles Pike 25 Sewdley Street - Image From The Architects Journal

Minimalism comes down to being selective about the things you have in your home.

You will be pleased to know, however, that a minimalist look does not boil down to living in a white box, unable to live family life in case something is disturbed or knocked out of line by a few inches.

Midland Concrete Floor understand what the key elements of creating a minimalist design within your home are and that flooring is one of them. But, as a popular concrete flooring company, they also understand that people want a minimalist approach to the design of their home without being devoid of character.

So how can you achieve the minimalist look?

How Concrete Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Minimalist Open Plan Kitchen, lounge, dinner.

Streamline handles

When it comes to a streamlined, minimal kitchen as well as de-cluttering work surfaces, getting rid of protruding cabinet handles is the perfect way of streamlining the space. Handles and other things that protrude, jar the eye and minimalist design is all about flowing, clean-cut lines.

This is why concrete flooring fits in with a minimalist design. It is a streamlined material and unlike other flooring options that don’t fit well or look unfinished or out of place, concrete mould itself around every curve or obstacle in its path.

Reduce display items

Love a cluttered window sill or have a collection of limited edition ornaments from a well-known potter? The time has come to pare down these display items if you are serious about a minimalist interior design look.

Be selective with items you are leaving out but rather than spreading them out across the space, cluster them. This way you have an expanse of space, without it being completely devoid of warmth and texture.

Why not cluster some items on the polished concrete floor near the fireplace? When you get bored, change the items with other items in other parts of your home.

Large scale modern art

If you think that stark white walls will be too stark, then large scale wall art can be the perfect option for creating an impressive backdrop.

Sometimes, a vast expanse of floor can also be too stark and although you may love the look of your concrete flooring, when you feel you need a little more texture, opt for a large statement rug.

Small doses of colour

How Concrete Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Flower Display Adding Colour

Colour is a funny thing in minimal design because frankly there is a fine line between not enough and too much.

The idea of minimal design is that there is nothing to jar or irritate the eye – it should be streamlined from the moment you walk in the door, and cast your eyes about the room. But, for some people, this is too stark, too industrial, too clean.

Adding colour adds warmth and texture but before you go on a shopping spree for cushions and throws, take a moment to think about how else you can add colour.

Instead of cushions, lampshades and throws, you could add a vibrantly coloured chair which, against a plain backdrop, will look stunning.

However, if you feel you need more colour – and you wouldn’t be alone – add it in small chunks. So two coloured cushions, a small dash of colour with a lampshade and so on.

Not just white

Although traditionally white has always been the colour within a minimalist interior design, you can consider other colours.

Recent minimalist designs have used neutral tones (i.e. beige or cream coloured) mosaic tiles. Or, you can opt for heavy dark woods through a space. Concrete flooring can stretch for as far as the eye can see, and this can be neutral coloured too.

The point is that if you are introducing a background colour other than white, it needs to be expansive throughout the space.

Curtains or not?

Tough one this because true minimalist design principles would say not but frankly, in an apartment on a busy bus route, the lack of curtains will simply not be conducive to enjoying your home without everyone else gawping in.

So, if you do opt for curtains as your favoured window dressing, then frankly they need to be ceiling-to-floor. There is also the idea of wall-to-wall curtains, a great way to create an impressive backdrop and have functional curtains too.

Make the bed

How Concrete Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Neutral Bedding.

This is not a lecture of throwing the covers over every morning but more a make-over of the bed. Frankly, get rid of those piles of bed cushions and throws and keep it minimal with pretty, neutral, non-heavily patterned bed covers and minimal pillow.

For many people, this is a step too far because their sumptuous bed in their haven but if you are really wanting the minimalist look, a minimal bed and a concrete floor is a must!

Midland Concrete Floor work with domestic and business customers to create custom-finished polished concrete floors. Suiting all design tastes, including the minimalist look, a polished concrete floor is certainly within budget.

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