Add Timeless Beauty To Your Home With Renaissance Déco

With so many homes being renovated in stark, modern interior design, there is still something to be said for getting back to classic design elements that add a touch of elegance to any room.

Whether you are looking to renovate your home to list it for sale or simply want to add some finishing touches to create beautiful living space, have you considered the timeless beauty of the Renaissance period?

Here are some ideas inspired from that classic era in time.

Décor of the Time

One thing to keep in mind when seeking to add design elements from the Renaissance period is what the age signified.

As the era that led Europe out of the Dark Ages, the Renaissance was a period of enlightenment where everything from literature to the arts focused on heightened learning.

As a result, design elements in architecture were highly proportioned and symmetrical. Rooms were spacious, giving way to design elements that were grand and elegant.

Accents were adorned with jewels and all furniture, to put it simply, was lavish. If you had to choose just a couple of words to describe décor from the Renaissance period it would be easy to say this was a time of beauty and elegance.

Renaissance Design Elements to Consider

Having come out of the Dark Ages, Renaissance décor embodied luxurious living. Yes, it may have been a period of enlightenment but this time was the embodiment of all that had been missing from the previous era, and that would be beauty.

Exterior design elements would include the lavish gardens so prominent amongst the wealthy of this time period whilst indoor design saw the emergence of such things as elegant marble accents throughout the home.

Today Renaissance period fireplaces are adding this timeless touch of beauty to living rooms throughout the UK, not only to those larger palatial homes but to less spacious contemporary homes as well.

If you are going all out in Renaissance interior décor, you may wish to add tapestries and sculptures to give your room the finishing touches to make it true to the décor of the time.

Exterior Design with Renaissance Appeal

Add Timeless Beauty To Your Home With Renaissance Déco

Some of today’s homes are not conducive to ‘built-in frescos’ that were common to the time so architects have begun building those frescos outdoors within the garden.

This brings us to another design element of the time and that was the addition of lovely gardens to the grounds. If any one period of time can lay claim to the advent of the traditional English garden, it would most likely be found here.

Whilst they became most popular in the Victorian era, gardens actually came into prominence in Europe during the Renaissance.

Here flowers were chosen in both primary and secondary triads and the bolder the colours, the better the garden.

Don’t forget to add an amazing sculpture or two in your garden complete with those fountains that also became quite popular in this era as well.

You don’t need a home built in the 1500’s to add classic Renaissance décor but if you do have a spacious home with high ceilings, this would be the perfect décor to consider.

From Renaissance fireplaces to sculptures and tapestries, it is easy to bring this look to your home with just a few minor embellishments. Why go stark and modern when there is soft and elegant beauty to be found in design elements from this enlightened period in our history?

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