Wondering what’s trending in the world of home decor? Looking for new items to refresh a room? Or, perhaps you’re planning to redecorate your home in 2021?

We’ve scoured social media to find out what’s trending as 2020 draws to a close. Below, we’ve shared five must-haves for the New Year.

1) Black ‘Crittal’ Shower Screens/Doors

‘Crittal’ style shower screens have surged in popularity over recent months. Spend a few minutes browsing for bathroom decor inspiration on Instagram and you’re bound to come across several as you search. Lots of our favourite influencers have installed them recently (or used clever DIY hacks to make their existing shower screens look the part).

Install a Crittal shower screen to take your bathroom from boring to brilliant.

Images from left to right: Reflexion Wetroom Panel by Ergonomic Designs; Arezzo Shower Enclosure and Tray by Victorian Plumbing; Shoji Crittal-style Shower Screen by Bathroom Mountain.

2) Gilt Mirrors

Looking for the perfect statement piece for your living room? Perhaps you need to perk up an empty hallway or need something stunning for your bedroom wall? Enter the gilt mirror.

Gilt mirrors are very popular on Instagram right now. Influencers are using ostentatious antique mirrors to add a bit of style to their homes.

Those with the budget opt for genuine antiques, while others look to vintage-inspired pieces from the high street.

We’ve even found one crafty person who made their own version from a mirrored wardrobe door, MDF appliques, coffee beans, lolly sticks, and gold paint (yes, really).

Images from left to right: Large 19th Century Floor Standing Mirror from Nimbus Antiques; Conservatoire Golden Mirror from Maisons Du Monde; Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie; DIY Mirror by Instagram user two.oh.three_.

3) Indoor Hanging Chairs

Experts working for Pinterest regularly trawl through the site’s search data to gain insight into how the platform is used. To find out what’s trending, the virtual discovery engine takes phrases with significant search volume that show an upward trajectory for at least six months and then compare them year-on-year. Their most recent report shows that searches for hanging chairs have increased threefold. With over 320 million users searching the site each month, we take great stock in their reports!

Hanging chairs are a thing! We predict they’ll continue to grow in popularity throughout 2021.

Images left to right: Parkmont Hanging Chair from World Menagerie via Wayfair; Natural Rattan Hanging Chair by Design Vintage; Tiipii Classic Round Hammock Bed from Unusual Designer Gifts.

4) Indoor Water Fountain

According to Pinterest, searches for indoor water fountains have increased by a whopping 917% year-on-year. This is no surprise as people are making the move to work from home.

Use an indoor water fountain to add a little zen to your office.

Images left to right: Duncan Resin Water Fountain with Light by Sol 72 Outdoor via Wayfair; Cascading Stone Bowls Fountain from Menkind; Anniversary Indoor Water Fountain by Oh My Giddy Aunt! via Not on the High Street.

5) Japanese Soaking Tubs

Searches for Japanese Soaking Tubs have soared by 563% year-on-year too, according to Pinterest. They’ve noticed this trend particularly grow across Australia and New Zealand.

A Japanese soaking tub, or ofuro, is usually smaller and deeper than the baths you’d typically find here in the UK.  They used to be made from wood, but nowadays the ofuro is often stainless steel or plastic.  They also have modern controls that allow the user to set the filing time, water level and temperature. 

A cultural tradition, the bathtub in Japan is known as ofuro (お風呂). The “o” before “furo” has a sense of honor and a mark of respect, it’s telling you the importance of this ritual. Because yes, the ofuro is a ritual, a tradition that contributes to a sense of belonging to a culturally united group of people.


It’ll be difficult to source a genuine ofuro here in the UK but some of our well-known bathroom and plumbing shops sell lovely baths with high sides that are well worth a look. Become a trendsetter here in the UK by installing one into your home.

Images left to right: Snowden Modern Freestanding Bath from Victorian Plumbing; Verona Small Freestanding Modern Bath from Victorian Plumbing; Bekko Bath Compact Range Japanese Deep Soaking Tub from Essential Bathing via eBay.