Plants and indoor gardens have become increasingly popular within our homes and offices over the last couple of years.

With more and more people living in apartments and working in busy office buildings, there has been growing demand for greenery, plants and flowers. Having plants indoors has so many benefits, including generating cleaner air, reducing stress and even adding a beautiful floral scent to the space. Moreover, adding even a small garden makes the office more aesthetically pleasing, add a splash of colour, and gives the space a unique look.

By embracing the trend in your office environment you can not only add an on trend and aesthetically pleasing look, but also gain from the physical and mental health benefits too.

If you’re unsure where to start, ask your colleagues for ideas and inspiration, and see if anyone has a green thumb they’d like to put to good use. As a team, do a little research into which plants are most suitable and required the least amount of work to maintain, or talk to your office manager about having a regular gardener maintain the space. Having the input of the staff also creates a sense of cohesion, bonding and team building.

Whether you work in a high rise building or a windowless basement, adding some indoor plants to your workspace will enable you to boost productivity and get more done in a healthy space. Instead of chatting by the water cooler, give your staff the chance to catch up in a beautiful, green space, that they’ve been able to contribute to building and maintaining themselves. Check out this fantastic infographic from JasonL for more tips on how to get started.

Infographic Source