Is your kitchen looking a little tired?  Whether you’ve just moved into a “fixer upper” or your current home just needs a refresh, replacing the entire kitchen can be an expensive, long and drawn out process.

Instead, you might want to focus on quick fixes – little changes you can make to freshen up your kitchen without having to spend a fortune.  Here are seven of our top tips:

1.  Transform your tiles:

Instead of ripping out and replacing your splashback tiles, use a special paint to give them a quick update, if you are not sure how to go about painting your tiles watch this YouTube video. A lick of paint will transform your tiles and help them look as good as new.  Don’t fancy a plain colour?  Invest in a set of tile decals instead.  Look online and you’ll find self-adhesive stickers in a range of classic and trendy designs.  We love these mosaic stickers by Pixers.  They’re £39 for 24 stickers (15 x 15cm in size).

kitchen tiles

2.  Work on those worktops:

You can dramatically change the look of your kitchen by replacing the worktops.  Choose new kitchen worktops in a colour that will complement the space. Use to lighter colours to brighten up a smaller room, while darker colours are trendy and can add a touch of luxe.

Tip #2 - Worktops

If you’re on a budget, investigate laminate worktops first – they’re typically cheaper per metre.  They’re also durable, easy to clean and pretty low-maintenance compared to their wooden and granite counterparts.  We love the Black Laminate Worktop above from Worktop Express.  Prices start at £60.

3.  Correct your cupboards:

A whole new set of kitchen cupboards can cost a fortune, so consider updating the existing carcasses with a coat of paint and new handles.  There’s a great how-to guide on the Dulux website, which you can read here.  Finish your cupboard refresh with a new set of handles or knobs.  We love the Marble Stone Handles from Graham and Green.  They cost £6.95 per handle.

Tip #3 - Kitchen Handles

4.  Freshen up your furnishings:

New curtains (or blinds) will radically transform the look of your kitchen with minimal effort and expense.  Choose a bright colour to add a touch of cheer to the room.  We love this pair of blue gingham curtains from Terry’s Fabrics.  Prices start at £11.99.

Tip #4- Kitchen Curtains

5.  Add new accessories:

While shopping for new curtains, keep your eyes peeled for coordinating accessories too. A new tablecloth will hide that tired, old table.  Add placemats and dress the table with a centrepiece to create a lovely, homely focal point in the room.  Don’t forget to replace your old, tired washing up bowls and draining board accessories too.  We love the Joseph Joseph accessories, pictured below:

Kitchen Accessories

6.  Style your space:

Look at your kitchen in a whole new way and style it like you’re preparing for a magazine photoshoot.  A teapot, cosy and egg basket will look charming in a country kitchen, while a vase of colourful flowers sat on a mirrored tray will look fabulous in modern spaces.  Looking for stylish kitchen accessories?  The Contemporary Home stocks lots of lovely pieces, including the jugs pictured below:

Style Your Space

Here’s another handy styling tip: Place a planter of herbs on your kitchen windowsill. This will serve two purposes: first, it’ll come in useful when you’re cooking up those culinary masterpieces and second, it’ll dress up the space and add a fresh flourish to your window!

7.  Refresh your flooring:

If your flooring has seen better days, consider regrouting between the tiles – this will give your kitchen a whole new lease of life (assuming, of course, that the tiles themselves are still in good condition).

A brand new mat will also rejuvenate your kitchen.  It can also add a much-needed burst of colour to an otherwise blank space. We love this kitchen runner from Modern Rugs, which costs £44.99.

Blue Rug for Kitchen