Any interior design enthusiast will tell you that 2016 was the year of “Hygge”, a Scandinavian concept roughly translating to “comfort”, which was all about reaching the height of relaxation through lovely warm interiors and cosy accessories. Now, a new term has taken 2017 by storm and it goes by the name of “Lagom”.

What is Lagom?

Everyone can surely agree that the Scandinavians are super-stylish, so it is unsurprising that this popular concept is another Scandi one. Lagom translates to “just the right amount” and is concerned with creating a simple, balanced lifestyle where there is not too much and not too little.

Where do I find it?

How to Make Your Home Lagom – Embracing the Scandinavian Design Concept

Lagom is a Swedish term, so it comes as no surprise that IKEA, our favourite Swedish export (sorry Abba), have been bringing this concept to the UK through their “Live Lagom” project, in partnership with the University of Surrey and charity Hubbub. The project aims to teach the mass public how to be more sustainable, through providing households with vouchers to buy products such as energy saving lightbulbs.

Sustainability is a way of life in Sweden, so encouraging the UK to follow suit can only be seen as a positive thing. As with any design trend, many other companies have started capitalising on Lagom’s popularity and have begun launching sustainable, low-cost, renewable products for homes.

How do I do it?

How to Make Your Home Lagom – Embracing the Scandinavian Design Concept

Though Lagom is a lifestyle concept rather than a style, it can of course still be translated into our homes and interiors. Lagom is concerned with simplicity, balance and fairness, so it is actually quite easy to adopt this trend.

Less is more

We know by now that the Scandinavians are minimal enthusiasts, from their dress-sense, right through to their homes, and Lagom is no different. A key to embracing this concept is to keep your homes as understated as possible. Do this by de-cluttering and only investing in things that you truly need, while keeping colour schemes and accessories stripped-back and simple.

Be environmentally friendly

For Lagom, the three R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, are the essence of the concept. Now we aren’t suggesting you enter full hippy-mode in order to adopt this interior trend, but taking positive steps to look after the environment around you will certainly go a long way.

You can start at home by recycling properly, using a compost bin, investing in bio ethanol fires to heat your living spaces, or switching to energy efficient light bulbs. Even the small changes help make a difference in the long run.

Go green, go organic

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Indoor plants, ‘living roofs‘ and growing your own herbs are all fantastic ways to align yourself with the Lagom ethos. Moreover, investing in organic homeware, such as those made from natural materials, not only look great, but are often much more long-lasting and durable than non-organic products.

At its core, Lagom is all about making small changes to become more frugal, reduce waste and live a happier, healthier lifestyle. It might not be as cute and fun as Hygge, but it’s here and it’s helping to save the planet, so what’s not to love?