These Little Changes Will Have A Big Impact On Your Interiors

If you’ve been spending time in the house this summer, then no doubt you have noticed things you’d like to change or update.

It is easier than ever to improve the interior of your home, so why not consider updating the look? There are many inexpensive ways to do this, and there are endless colours and styles to choose from.

Try to tackle one room at a time, and before you know it your whole home will feel fresh and updated.

Do you feel like the living room is looking lacklustre? There are easy ways to improve this. A change of colour in your accessories can liven up the room and change the feel of it.

There are some beautiful colours in the stores at the moment such as duck egg blue, burnt orange and dove grey. You could add some statement vases and bowls, or try out some new artwork.

For a bigger impact, you could also look at a range of Fading World rugs to add some warmth to a wood floor. That way you can freshen things up without exceeding your budget.

These Little Changes Will Have A Big Impact On Your Interiors

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The bathroom is also another easy room to makeover with little effort. If you’ve kept things neutral in there for a while, then you could add some new coloured hand towels or a bath mat. You could also add a bold shower curtain or even a new eye-catching blind.

If storage is an issue, then look at the different bathroom cabinets available. They can be great ways to hide away all those products that clutter up the bathroom, making it look a lot neater.

Another way you can update your rooms is by investing in new lighting. There are some amazing pieces on the high street right now that are budget-friendly and look like designer products.

Floor lamps look superb in a living room with so many different options to consider. There are metal bases that are more traditional, and there are rattan floor shades that look like vases.

Ceiling lights have also become more exciting with a broad range of chandeliers and pendant light shades to complement any style of room.

The kitchen is another easy room to update with new accessories. There are some fabulous vintage-style kettles and toasters on the market right now which add a retro feel to any home.

You can also get some decorative storage jars for your tea, coffee and sugar which look great displayed on the worktop. Make the most of colour in the kitchen and add little items such as a bright oven glove or hand towel to add some personality.

These Little Changes Will Have A Big Impact On Your Interiors

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Finally, don’t forget your bedroom. There are some fantastic geometric prints available in bedding at the moment, and they add a modern look to your bedroom.

Consider picking out the colours on the bedding and adding some accessories such as vases and candles, as well as co-ordinating the curtains. You can then add some new cushions, and your bedroom will feel like a brand new room.

Main Image Source – By Elissa Merola