Many families today drink water from the taps at their sinks, which may seem strange to some people.

The reason behind this is simple: they may have a faucet water filter. This device provides many families with readily available water for drinking, and this would even be considered an essential part of kitchen sinks, most especially. 

However, these filters do need regular monitoring and maintenance. With this, here are some of the best faucet water filter from waterfilterspot for your kitchen.

Investing In A Water Filter

The main reason to invest in a water filter would be to provide drinking water to families with more significant water consumption. This clears the water of all toxins and contaminants that could affect your life, making both the taste and smell much better.

Glass of water

This would also ensure that all members of your family stay healthy and happy. Consequently, this also provides clean water for cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

If you’re looking to be eco-friendly, which is one thing all people should be considering, this would bea great alternative to buying plastic water bottles and containers used in dispensers.

Replacing A Water Filter

Water filters need to be constantly monitored, and busier households mean that regular maintenance is necessary.

Water filter tap faucet

Naturally, the best water filters can last for three to five months, depending on their usage. The best way to know is to use your senses. One way to find out is in the colour, taste, and feeling of the water. If things do not seem normal, it would be time to replace the filter.

When changing your water filter, it would also be wise to know the best options in terms of cost and value. Therefore, what are the best faucet water filters today?

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Filter

The Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Filter is arguably one of the best water filters. Being certified by both the NSF and the ANSI, this filter is known to clear out chlorine, lead, VOCs, pesticides, and many other microorganisms. 

Despite being small, these filters are easy to install and come with various adaptors which help installation.

Perhaps the main problem with the filter is that it promotes a slow flow of water or that it needs to be changed every two months or 200 gallons of water, depending on the usage. 

Thankfully, these are lower-cost filters, but they demand more labor in terms of replacement.

PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet

PUR released their 3-Stage Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet, and this would come in at a close second.

Some would even claim this to be better than the aforementioned. The NSF-certified filter is easy to install, and it cleanses water from chlorine, lead, and mercury mainly. In terms of design, this is a sleek-looking beauty that comes with a life indicator.

Nevertheless, these filters have problems you must look out for. Like the former, this also has a shorter life span, and you should replace it after two months. 

Thankfully, there is a built-in light that changes from green to red, depending on the filter’s condition. Another problem would lie in leakages. This particular filter would be prone to leaking when a plastic connector is used.

PUR Advanced Faucet Filtration System

The Advanced Faucet Filtration System is essentially the younger brother of the 3-Stage. Being NSF and ANSI-certified, this mainly focuses on lead, mercury, and pesticides, and it is easy to attach. The look is as sleek as its older brother, which would be golden for design freaks, not to mention the built-in life detector as well.

Being from the same developer, however, the problems are similar as this does also have a short life span which would need changing. 

This also does not work well with plastic connectors, which may be a problem for some kitchen sinks.

DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet

The DuPont water filter is a vertical filter made of brass, and this has been certified by the NSF. The filter is known to reduce chlorine, lead, and VOCs at a very affordable price, and this could easily attach to the standard kitchen faucet.

This, however, seems to be a high-design product, but its properties would say otherwise as it is simply a reliable product to use. 

In terms of changing the filter, you has to use the color and taste to determine since this has no life indicator built-in. The more severe problem would be leaking, and you must watch out for this if deciding to buy from DuPont.

Waterdrop Water Faucet Filtration System

Water Drops Filtration System would be a choice perfect for design freaks. This comes in a white plastic casing which looks sleek and beautiful even. The vertical water filter is also one of the best in terms of capacity, as it can go through 320 gallons of water before you needs to replace it. With six adaptors also comes an NSF-certified activated carbon filter which also helps in its filtration process.

Nevertheless, the problem would lie in its certification as this itself is not certified by NSF or ANSI, which would affect the health-conscious.

Brita Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Brita’s Tap Water Filter System is another strong choice, and this is the alternative to those made by PUR. 

This easy-to-install filter would only take ten minutes to install, and this comes with an NSF certification requirement for the health-conscious. This filter reduces lead, chlorine, asbestos, and much more. This also has a built-in life indicator, much like the PUR systems.

The main problem lies in its ability to contain chlorine. While it can change the taste and odor, chlorine would not be reduced and still be present in the water used for drinking or cooking. 

This would turn out to be the same for all the other metals and microorganisms as this would not remove a significant amount of this away. Leaking and breaking is another problem that you should watch out for.

If you want to buy a water filter, it would be best to do your research first on what the product offers and if you could afford the maintenance caused by it. 

Investing in one may seem expensive at first, but this is necessary for keeping good health and being eco-friendly. Having a filter is most especially important in the kitchen as this place provides clean drinking water for consumption and cooking.

Be sure to contact the best water filter developer in the area and get one installed today!