People place so much emphasis on interior design these days that it has become big business.

DIY stores across the nation are employing talented artists to create new stylish products for use in the cherished homes of their customers and turning over millions of pounds in the national economy.

Some people, when searching for the perfect ambiance in their home, pay too much attention to the fancy features and not enough to the basic maintenance that every property needs. This omission often comes back to bite them further down the line, as major repairs must be undertaken.

If you are considering a complete home makeover, it is a good idea to complete basic repairs before proceeding. Failing to carry out the repairs first will ruin all of the decor into which you put so much effort, when you have to do it later.

Here are a few projects to investigate.


Have the wiring tested and inspected by a qualified electrician. Problems that are discovered may necessitate a rewire, but as you will see from the mess it makes, this is best done before you decorate. Channels need to be cut into the plaster to hide cables and floorboards will be lifted under which new wiring will run. The job invades every corner of the home and causes chaos for a week or two.


A battery powered damp meter costs under twenty pounds and is a handy item for anyone to have in their tool kit. It has two metal spikes which, when applied to the wall, pass a low electrical current between them. The device measures the electrical resistance of the wall and, since moist walls offer low resistance; it will tell you whether damp is present. If any damp is present, it must be treated by professionals.

They will complete a survey, advise a plan of action, and quote a price for completing the work. Any form of decoration applied to a damp wall is doomed to be a failure, as mould and flaking paint are sure to occur. The damp will penetrate flooring and furniture too, if left unattended, so there is more to lose than decor.


If the window frames are nearing the end of their life, replace them for modern, thermally efficient units. Double glazed windows will not only keep the heat in the room better than single glazing, but they will also cut down or eliminate, the problem of condensation.

The installation of new windows usually takes a couple of hours per unit and sometimes is very messy indeed, especially if the old windows refuse to budge. The internal plaster is often damaged by tools and all of this must be repaired before decorating commences. You can see the problems it would cause if the decorating were already finished.

Hopefully, you now fully appreciate the importance of basic maintenance that will give a good canvas on which to create your design. The projects are often expensive and an annoyance, but it is vital nonetheless. So be sensible, and you will have no long term problems in your rooms.