Even if you have a newly-renovated and a properly ventilated garage, dust is still going to be a big problem.

This is especially true if your local area is dusty and has a lot of wind. One way or another, dust and other air particles are going to find their way into your garage and onto your vehicle. Much like how car floor mats protect your vehicle’s interior, dust covers protect the exterior. 

At first, dust doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal, considering how easy it is to clean off of any surface. However, by leaving your car parked in the garage for long stretches of time, it exposes it to dust buildup in deeper pockets of your vehicle, including the air filters. A small amount of dust buildup on your car isn’t going to do much damage in the way of your vehicle’s functionality or its longevity, but left unattended for long periods of time and it’s definitely going to cause a few problems.

Auto accessories are a dime a dozen, but it’s the ones that can keep your vehicle in working condition for as long as possible that are worth investing in. One such accessory is the indoor car cover. While outdoor or all-weather car covers protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior from the many dangers that come with outdoor parking, the indoor cover protects it in your garage. 

The tight weave of indoor car covers protects the interior and exterior of your vehicle from dust, which in turn offers a set of benefits. First this means that you won’t have to wash your car as often as it doesn’t get up as dirty.

Classic car with shinny white paint work

This is not only great financially, as you’ll be spending less money on car washes, but it’s also more sustainable, since you’re also not wasting water. And there’s also the benefit of paint lasting longer. Even if you have the coats of paint profesionally applied with a high quality finish, water is corrosive, so too much exposure to water could risk the paint jobs longevity. With a car cover protecting its exterior, you can keep the car shining for many years to come without having to get a new coat of paint. 

As for the interior dust buildup, this also has a set of benefits in the long run. With less dust covering the inner parts of your car, you won’t require as many deep cleanings. Also, with less dust buildup on the air filter, you won’t have to change it as often and the interior of your car will stay fresh as ever.

With all this in mind, car covers are very affordable and considering how much money they can save you on car maintenance, they are a great investment to make.