A 4-Step Guide To Gaining More Space Around The Family Home

If there’s one wish that joins more homeowners than any other it has to be the desire for more space around the home.

Adding physical space isn’t possible unless you’ve got money behind you or re-mortgage the property. However, there are a few ways to use the space more effectively, and you can embrace them to bring vast improvements to your home.

Here are four of the best.


The first step to clawing back some vital space around the home is to declutter your life. A spring clean isn’t enough here. You need to thoroughly analyse your current situation.

Any junk or unwanted items should be sold or given away. They are serving no purpose while clogging up your home. Space Maker self-storage can allow you to keep other items safe and secure while you redesign the home and make your final decisions.

Decluttering the home is a challenge. But you’ll feel much better once it’s completed. And your more spacious home gives you the perfect canvas to make further upgrades.

Get Rid Of The Guest Room

A 4-Step Guide To Gaining More Space Around The Family Home

Many families crave more space around the home. Sadly, a large percentage of them fail to see that they already have it in the form of their spare room. It’s easy to leave it as a bedroom for when the in-laws stay, but this is a huge waste.

For the sake of spending one weekend on the sofa each year while the guests sleep in your room, you could gain a whole new room to the home. It doesn’t matter whether it becomes a games room, a gym or an office. Anything that gets used has to be better than a guest room.

Not only will the extra room directly improve your life, it will also free up room in other parts of the home too.

Convert The Garage

Another leading candidate for conversion has to be the garage. Most of us are guilty of letting this space become a glorified dumpster that happens to store the car overnight. It’s a real shame because it could be so much more.

Assuming you’ve already decluttered, you should be left with a far bigger space than you’d previously imagined. Give it a thorough clean and the space should be ready to be transformed into a far more useful space. Besides, all that dust can’t be good for your health.

Paint it in light colours to make it feel even larger and it can instantly become an ideal venue for completing DIY or various other tasks.

Take The Indoors Outdoors

The garden is a commonly undervalued part of the property. But making the most of yours could make a vast difference to your enjoyment around the home. Quite frankly, you’d be foolish not to take advantage.

Arguably the most effective way of achieving this is to build a patio area. If you install siding doors too, it will transform the area into a much larger place for family entertainment.

If that isn’t enough to get you motivated, the fact that this upgrade adds serious value to the property certainly will.

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