Were you surprised to discover that your medicine had expired two years ago when you last went to find it?

Or, even worse, you discover some pills that have come loose from their container and have no idea which medication they belong to! It’s important to be able to quickly locate the medication we need. Plus, to make sure the medication is still in date so that it works effectively.

The Benefits of Proper Medicine Storage

Being Able to Get Medicines Quickly When You Need Them

When you’re sick or in an emergency and need to feel better quickly, you don’t want to be searching in random cupboards and drawers around your home. Being able to quickly locate the medications you require to get well, is a much easier task when you know exactly where they are stored. Visit this page to read more about the importance of making your medications accessible, especially if you live with a condition that requires at-home management. 

Monitoring Expiration Dates

A second reason to have processes in place for your medicine storage is that you want to adopt a first-in, first-out strategy with expiration dates in mind. Save your money by not purchasing a new bottle of cough syrup if you already have one in your medicine cabinet. Store open bottles in the sequence of expiration and place older medications in the front. Expired medications should be disposed of safely, as soon as you realise they’ve been sitting there for a while and now out of date.

Removing Them From Children’s Reach

Finally, you don’t want to put the “yummy” tasting cold medicine in a place where your children might accidentally take a sip. It’s useful to have a medication stored in a bathroom drawer, but it’s best to keep it out of the reach of young children.

Strategies For Smart Storage

1. Store Them Behind The Door

Even if you don’t have an additional linen closet or bathroom cupboard, a shoe storage organiser or a wire hanger that hangs over a door could be a good option. Medications and first aid kits could also be stored in a hanging jewelry organiser. That’s if you do not live with any children or pets that can get hold of them!

2. Utilise Drawer Organisers

They’re  neatly hidden away and will not take up much room. Extra personal care goods, such as toothpaste and wipes can be stored there too.

Draw open with draw organisers contained inside

A good tip is to use the small plastic dividers to store medications if you don’t have room for a bigger one.

3. Use Labels 

Simple blackboard labels are among my favorites, but as you’ve seen, they can be ruined when touched with wet hands. If you like using gadgets when doing your everyday tasks, how about using a label maker.

4. For Closets, Utilise Labeled Plastic Storage containers

Storage containers like these are ideal for grouping medicines together and labeling them on the outside of the container.

Plastic storage containers stacked on top of each other on shelf

Grouping types of drugs together makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it the most. 

5. Think About Buying A Spice Rack

You can never go wrong with wall-mounted storage options! Consider installing a spice rack along the inside of your linen cupboard or bathroom door. If you’ve got a decent vantage point, this could be the best method to allow you to see everything at once. They can also be hung on a wall or a shelf in a closet, but be preparded that not all medicine bottles will fit in the spice rack, so it’s best to consider the size and height before committing to each bottle, .

6. Accessories And Creams Are Best Stored In Jars Or Mugs

You can store things like thermometers, toothbrush, and tubes of creams upright in a stylish mug or mason jar by stacking them on top of one other.

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