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Go to the back of your house and look out your window. What do you see? Yes that’s your garden.

Does it make you happy? Of course it does. It’s your pride and joy. But how have you kept it so good and fresh? Well, the secret’s finally out because here’s how.

You’re one of those amazing super troopers who head out to do your weeding and troweling in whatever weather. Your bobble hat, thick coat and sturdy black wellington boots have become a mainstay in the local area as has your beautiful garden which has been widely talked about at country shows and the like. So what’s the formula? Drive, passion, hidden ingredients?

Well first of all, you only pick out the best blooming plants. It’s true that they may not be cheap but they’re hardly expensive. Not only have you done your prior research on seasonal plants online but you’ve also asked the kind shop assistant at your local supermarket on what most people are buying.

Keeping Your Garden Lush And Green in 2016 - Image From - Lush Green Garden

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People thought it was a myth that plants grow quicker when you talk to them however you’ve proved that once ridiculous theory. You’re out there everyday passing on good luck messages to your rhododendrons and reciting love poems to the chrysantha in your lean-to greenhouses and the results are there for everyone to see. You’re a modern day miracle worker aren’t you?

Keeping your garden so lush and green doesn’t mean you don’t love hosting a garden party. You’re a social butterfly. Of course you do. Showcasing your pride and joy is part of the fun. You love people’s reactions and they constantly surprise you, almost as much as you surprise them with your unique garden. They can either stand or sit down on the numerous seating that you’ve provided, some on the grass, some on the patio and some in those gorgeous little alcoves of yours.

Then it’s all about relaxing and staring round in wonder or jealousy. Yes, the garden may need a bit more care and attention the next day but not as much as your head would, especially after those numerous glasses of wine. But the 6am start is definitely worth it. Who doesn’t love being a part of beautiful nature on a warm, sunny Friday evening?

Tending to your garden is just a hobby after all. Don’t treat it like your 9-5 job! There’s no point being all stressed and clammy about it. Enjoy the sensation of that seed you so neatly placed in the ground or the cutting back of the tall conifers with your tried and trusted pruning saw. If you don’t revel in the work that you do in your garden, then maybe it’s not for you. The best ones you see are not just through hard work and diligence but also with the passion and enthusiasm in abundance that the gardener possesses.

Your organic fruit and veg is famous in the village. Not only do they look incredible but oh the taste! How they melt in your mouth. How they dance a jig of delight tantalisingly on your tongue. Your vegetable patch is packed full of the best seasonal products and wow how they are coming through. Those runner beans are certainly performing like olympic champions! Those trees that you planted those many moons ago are bearing fruit (literally) at such an alarming rate that you’ve had to buy a second fruit bowl. Your dinners and fruit salads at home are always packed with flavour and those elite few who you invite always crave another invitation. You could think about going into the greengrocers business. You would make an absolute killing! One for the future perhaps…

Yes, it’s true that we as a nation generally hate the rain in Britain but you personally love it! The soil becomes wet and fertile, the plants get that extra bit of liquid intake and the grass becomes lush underfoot. As well as this, weeding is made easier. It’s easier to get the root out whole in wet weather rather than the normal process of snapping and regrowing which happens in many a garden. The fruit and veg you cherish also benefit. Lettuce and watercress for example don’t mind being the subject of a downpour. With moist soil, they are more tender and are packed full of flavour.

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You are also at one with nature. Not only are you a garden lover but also that of animals and you encourage them to come in and make themselves at home. Wooden birdhouses are erected with a plentiful amount of birdseed and you’ve installed a good sized pond with an array of plants on the edge of the patio for frogs and newts to make themselves feel at home. A mesh net is put on top to prevent those pesky herons! Yes, you can enjoy the other delights of the garden but keep your mitts off the other animals! Bees are actively encouraged.

Your garden is a dynamic paradise for all so who cares about the sting worry whingers. With lavender plants and other nectar rich plants, not only will you get a lovely accompaniment to a delicious dish, but you will also attract a hoard of beautiful bees. And who doesn’t love a hedgehog? These cute prickly creatures will sometimes roam into your garden if you leave a scattering of dried fruit and cooked vegetables for them to feast on. Make them feel at home and they’ll come back a lot more regularly. Maybe they will even let you name them. Stan anyone?

Your garden is a natural wonder of the world! You are ever so proud of it and it has certainly revelled in your everyday hard work, drive and enthusiasm. May your fruit and vegetables prosper the whole year round and keep the guests and animals coming. Sharing is caring. And you’re certainly a serial sharer!

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