Most people would agree that global warming is real, and it is here to stay.

Those in power say it is my fault for driving my kids to school and failing to turn off my TV instead of leaving it on standby. I suspect it is industrial emissions that are responsible. There is nothing I can do, but accept the blame and pay extra taxes because I am such a bad person. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. What a fantastic saying that is, and it sums up my attitude to the subject of climate change. If we are going to experience prolonged hot spells, I intend to prepare my garden for them, and you should too.

There are many ways to enjoy a healthy social life in the garden, and we will take a look at the way the idea presents in all of the brilliant features we have access to today. Here are a few exciting garden design trends for the next five years.

A Place To Sit

Most garden conversions feature an extensive place to sit and enjoy good company and a few drinks these days. We have a choice of hard landscaping and decking. I am a fan of garden decks because you can adapt them for almost every situation. It doesn’t matter if the garden slopes or if there is an ugly manhole that you need to hide, the deck can do the job. Because they rest on vertical posts, they can be at any height. That is particularly useful if you don’t want to step down to the garden when you leave the house.

A Place To Relax

There are many features that come together to create a relaxing garden. In our rush to introduce modern contraptions, we mustn’t forget the role of nature in our backyards. If the weather is going to get warmer than it is now, think about planting some broad-leaved plants and ferns to make it look a bit like a jungle. Maybe a Japanese zen garden is more to your taste. You could set aside an area for a gravel bed where you can rake intricate patterns on the ground for hours on end, in quiet contemplation.

At the end of a long day, you might enjoy somewhere to steam the pressure away. There is no shortage of sauna suppliers online, and they are within the price range of a suburban family these days. Some of them only need a firm base and an electricity supply to operate.

A Place To Have Fun

Enjoy the sunshine alongside your new swimming pool. Yes, if you have room in your garden, a swimming pool could become a reality. Thanks to the fibreglass liners available today, you don’t need to build any brick or concrete walls. Modern installation is quick and relatively cheap.

A Place To Sleep

Enjoy your afternoon nap in a beautiful summer house. I suspect that sales are booming thanks to the long summer, and there is no reason to think it will be any different next year. These features enable you to spend more time in comfort outdoors, and that is what it’s all about.

The garden upgrade could be expensive, but if you introduce these things one at a time, you can spread the cost. Perhaps it is worth a visit to the bank to extend your mortgage or take out a personal loan. We live in exciting times; enjoy them while you can.

Main image by Paul Williams