The Classical Gardens of Suzhou were first created as early as the 6th Century in Suzhou a city to the west of Shanghai. More than 50 still exist and together are a World Heritage listed site.

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Master of the Nets Garden

Reflection of the Pavillion at the Master of Nets Garden in Suzhou, one of a group of gardens called the Classical Gardens of Suzhou.

Originally called Ten Thousand Volume Hall, the garden was created in 1140 by Shi Zhengzhi. Image © Hauke Musicaloris @ Flickr.

Couple's Retreat Garden, Suzhou

Couple’s Retreat Garden. Image © François Philipp @ Flickr.

Humble Administrator’s Garden

A tree surrounded by flowers in the Humble Administrator’s Garden. Image © xiquinhosilva @ Flickr.

The Lingering Garden

An incredibly beautiful shot of ornamental chairs and a table alongside a wall and plants at the Lingering Garden. Image © Kirk K @ Flickr.

Humble Administrator's Garden

Humble Administrator’s Garden, image © xiquinhosilva @ Flickr.

Lingering Garden

The Lingering Garden. Image © 张骐/Wikimedia.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Image © Francesco Bandarin/UNESCO.

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