A king size bed offers plenty of space to sprawl out and get comfortable but may not leave much room in your bedroom for anything else unless you have been blessed with an oversized bedroom.

The size of the bed can make it difficult to plan for the rest of the bedroom, so use the following tips to keep the bed from overpowering the rest of the décor.

Choose the Right Spot for the Bed


The first step in planning a bedroom with a larger bed is to select the layout. Decide where to place the bed to keep it from crowding the rest of the room.

With a square room, it helps to position the bed off centre. This unsymmetrical layout adds more room on one side of the bed, such as the side with the bedroom door.

In a long, narrow room, consider placing the headboard against one of the longer walls toward one end of the room, ensuring you have space for end tables on each side of the bed.

Depending on the size of the room, this may also create two separate zones. One half of the room contains the bed and nightstands and the other offers room for wardrobes or a desk.

Create More Balance in the Room

Large beds tend to dwarf everything else. Adding certain features or arranging the furniture in specific ways can help create more balance. Start with longer curtains.

Floor-length curtains create the appearance of more height, drawing the eye upward instead of across the width of the room. This simple trick keeps the bed from immediately becoming the only focal point of the room.

The right furniture can also help create the right feel. For example, a large bed in the middle of two small end tables creates an awkward appearance. Instead of using smaller bedside tables to save space, use larger pieces to offer more balance.

Use Sliding Doors for More Visual Appeal

Wardrobe Slidding doors

Bi-folds and standard doors can often appear clunky and overbearing. Sliding wardrobe doors provide a better option, so instead of opening out into the room, the sliding door remains flush with the wall. These doors also offer a sleek minimalist look.

Sliding doors come in many sizes and styles. You can even find doors with mirrors or that reach from the floor to the ceiling, adding more depth to the room and drawing attention to other focal points instead of just the bed.

Choose a Bed That Fits Your Existing Décor

It often helps to plan a bedroom around the bed. However, if you are currently in the market for a new bed, search for a design that matches your existing décor or furniture.

Bed SOS offers a wide selection of king-size beds available in styles to suit any taste. Search for beds made from ivory metal, faux leather, wood, or fabric. You can also find options with elegant scrollwork or contemporary, minimalist designs.

A king-sized bed is the ultimate luxury as far as bedroom furniture goes, but for bedrooms that don’t have adequate space you’ll need to have a plan in place to make sure that everything will fit and still maintain full functionally.