While we like to move with the times when it comes to our humble abode, some rooms require a touch of old-school glam to look superb.

One room in particular which can look beautiful with some vintage features is the bathroom. But a lot of people get stuck when trying to think of ways to take their bathroom back in time.

Therefore, here are some ways you can give your bathing quarters a sprinkle of vintage.

Opt for a claw-foot roll-top bath

Give Your Bathing Quaters A Sprinkle Of Vintage - Image From IdealHome.co.uk

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As much as those modern corner baths are a stunning feature for your bathroom, nothing beats a bit of old school glam when it comes to your tub.

Therefore, when it come to buying a new bath, you should consider going for a classic claw-feet roll-top bath which will stand in pride of place in your bathing quarters.

In fact, if you put it in the centre of your room, it will be a feature piece in your bathroom. And it doesn’t have to be plain white if you want to cause an impact.

In fact, you might want to consider painting the side black or blue which will help it to stand out in your bathing quarters, and opt for a black or grey bath mat to give it a classy feel.

Go for a Victorian style radiator

Give Your Bathing Quaters A Sprinkle Of Vintage - Image From Flickr - Via oaklandEarthGirl

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It’s not just the feature pieces which can bring some glam to the bathroom. You should also hunt down accessories which can give it a vintage feel too.

For one thing, the heating can be a great way to add some vintage to your bathroom. If you opt for Victorian radiators, it can make your bathroom feel timeless.

Plus as well as giving off enough heat to ensure you stay nice and cosy during those freezing winter mornings, it adds to the authentic style, helping your bathroom turn back in time.

Choose brass taps

Give Your Bathing Quaters A Sprinkle Of Vintage - Image From HouseAndHome.com - Mandy Milks’s Bathroom Makeover

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A lot of people with busy lifestyles go for modern taps when they’re decorating their bathroom, after all, they want something they’re familiar with, and easily fits in with out having to think too much about it.

But if you want to help your bathroom stand out from the crowd, look classic, and vintage, then you should opt for brass taps.

Swap your sink and bath taps to brass to take your bathroom back in time! After all, it will give your bathroom a touch of vintage style, plus brass fittings are so on-trend for 2017!

Also don’t forget to go old school with your lights in the bathroom. For example some retro wall lights, or a glam chandelier will give it a vintage feel.