Do you have worn out stairs balustrades, or you need to incorporate balustrades to your stairs? Then you should opt for the glass balustrades system.

In the construction world, the use of glass is gaining popularity day by day and it’s not difficult to understand why. Glass balustrades are made from laminated glass; hence its thickness is kept to a minimum.

This material is suitable for any construction as it reflects light to a certain extent.  With the use of glass balustrades, you can make space look bigger than it is.

Glass balustrades can give life to your staircase. Ideally, the thickness of the glass has to be 15mm or more, to ensure it can withstand pressure or a decent amount of load. To design the staircase more feasibly, the cantilever feature of the glass balustrades system should be utilised.

If you intend to use glass balustrades for your staircase, there is a list of options to pick from. To top that, there are varieties of colors and styles to select from that would be to your taste.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades can fine-tune the look of your staircase. It offers a sleek and contemporary look to any modern décor. The use of minimal fixings when installing frameless glass balustrades for your staircase enhances the view from all angles.

They help to define boundaries around your home without any interruption, while still providing incomparable safety. In case you didn’t know, frameless glass balustrade is also referred to as “structural glass.”

Glass Balustrades On Straircase

The installing of the frameless glass balustrades is the most appealing solution for updating your staircases since it supports the entire system.

Alternatively, you can tint the glass balustrades in any color to suit your home décor.

Framed Glass Balustrades

Framed Glass Balustrades On Straircase

This is a simple design, but very effective. However, it is mostly used in commercial settings but it is ideal for your staircase. Framed glass balustrades with attractive handrails give your staircase a sturdy and stylish structure.

Frameless mini post glass Balustrades

It comes with a stainless finish that gives your staircases a modern look. It is commonly used because it is an economical and stunning option. Also, you can choose different materials such as stainless steel or timber for the frame as this would enhance the look of your home.

Benefits of Glass Balustrades for staircases

Glass balustrades make the room appear larger and more beautiful, especially when it is in the middle of your living room. Glass looks exceptionally beautiful around a staircase and gives it a floating impression; you get to enjoy it as a transparent border.

Glass balustrades increase safety because it is made of thick tempered glass that doesn’t shatter easily.  Also, glass is known to reflect light, so it reduces the chances of one tumbling down the stairs because each step is clearly illuminated.