The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is based on the principle that you can create good fortune by examining how energy, or ‘chi’, flows through a room, house or building.

Feng shui also teaches us that the placement of an object can have an influence on your life, and encourages us to harmonise with the energies around us.

Often you’ll hear people talking about ‘good feng shui’ and ‘bad feng shui’. Loosely speaking, this refers to the positive or negative energy of a room. As such, the items you bring into it will have some effect on the room’s vibrations, be it for better or worse.

Many people often wonder whether it’s possible to combine both a passion for feng shui with a love of antiques, especially when the latter tend to carry a lot of energy from their previous owners.

The good news is you can, and we’ve put together some tips to help you apply feng shui to your much loved antiques.

Clear the clutter

Whether you’ve a house full of treasured antiques or are hoping to invest, the first step is to have a good clear out. A clutter-free home is essential if you want to achieve harmonious energy, so work out what’s essential and what you can do without. Allow yourself to be guided by the energy of the antiques you already own, and get rid of anything you have no purpose for. This will also make way for any antiques you’re yet to buy.

Follow the energy of an antique

Part of the charm of antiques is that they often have a story to tell, but sometimes this can compromise good feng shui. If something has caught your eye, try and gauge its energy before you buy it, and imagine how it would feel in your home. Be sure to put it down if your instincts tell you that its history isn’t a positive one.

Create good feng shui by ensuring you only purchase antiques that will be of use to you. This way, you can begin to inject your own energy into them once they are in the home.

Energetically cleanse your antiques

Your Guide To Feng Shui And Antiques - Image Via - French Bronze Model.

Once you’ve made a decision to buy a particular antique, it’s important to perform a cleansing ritual before you transfer it to your home.

Allow your newly bought antiques to rest in an unrelated place for a while. Some sun exposure will also help you transform any lingering negative energy and prepare your antique for its new home.

Wipe down hard-surfaced antiques with a soft cloth and warm water with a dash of vinegar, but take care when cleaning, as old objects can be delicate. After this, burn some incense or essential oils around your antique, as this will help purify its energy.

Focus your intention

When it comes to shopping for antiques, ensure you are really drawn to the item, and that you truly believe you will make good use of it. Whatever it is you are hoping to gain from your antiques, setting an intention for them and deciding what you would like to gain from them will help create positive and calming feng shui.

Create energy using antique mirrors

Your Guide To Feng Shui And Antiques

Light creates positive vibrations and is necessary for good energy, and antique mirrors can help you achieve it. Mirrors are one of the most powerful ways to generate good feng shui and also create the illusion of more space.

If you’ve an antique mirror that you’re desperate to make use of, hang it near a window, where it will be able to reflect the natural light that pours in.

Antique materials

It’s worth keeping in mind that some materials absorb more energy than others. Reflective surfaces such as pewter, glass or silver absorb less than heavy and dense materials, such as wood or thick fabrics. This isn’t to say you can’t use them, but you might find they require a deeper cleansing ritual before you bring them into the home.

Other considerations

Consider the position of your antiques in the home after you’ve cleansed them, and consult a Bagua map to help you enhance more positive elements. Certain colours denote different feelings, so consider what kind of energy your antiques might generate based on their hue.