Skirting boards are often seen as an afterthought or as a practical necessity when it comes to interior design – however, the reality is that they should be at the forefront of your design concept from day one.

Gone are the days of automatically installing high glossed white skirting boards over any and all kinds of interior décor without giving it a second thought. With such a wide range of options available, skirting can play an integral role as to the overall character and feel of a space.

A Choice of Materials, Colours and Styles

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MDF has long been the material of choice for skirting boards thanks to its versatility, low price point and being relatively hard wearing when well maintained. Oak and Pine are two materials that are growing in popularity with the hardwood oak taking the ‘premium’ mantle. Other woods such as Meranti, Maple, Ash, Walnut and Beech are also less widely available options and are usually chosen for their looks to fit in with the style of a space.

The colours of skirting boards are also playing a larger part in interior design with various palettes being used for different reasons. Whether it is a design statement that opts for big and bold contrasting colours or design for practicality –  such as choosing a matching colour to the walls to create a greater sense of height – the colour of skirting boards is a key design feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The style of your skirting boards can either compliment the flow of the home or create a very different feel for one specific room. Simpler designs with straight edges or straight grooves are considered to create a more contemporary feel whereas the more elaborate designs are considered to be more traditional.

Skirting Boards For Grandeur Or Simplicity

The images below show some of the skirting boards supplied by Metres Direct for a Saltbox style home that was custom built in the UK. The grandeur associated with this New England style home required the interior matched up to the exquisite exterior.

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The bespoke cuts that were supplied work beautifully in this home and the matching architrave and plinths complete the look. This style of skirting board would not look amiss in a Georgian styled house or could be used in one room to create a real sense of luxury.

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In this example, the height of the skirting was altered on each floor of the house to give a sense of balance between all three floors – a design concept that we think creates a fantastic sense of symmetrical style and a method that you can apply if your home has different sized rooms and ceiling heights. The same impact can be achieved whether using intricate designs or more modern simplistic styles.

The key takeaway here is to consider your skirting boards as an integral element of your interior design and not to leave it to the last minute or as an add on to your existing design concept. Choosing skirting and architrave that fits your overall vision from the beginning should enhance any project and can help create a space that has style, substance and balance.