Putting the Heart into Your Home

Great ways to make your home truly you.

Although trends come and go and interior designs change with the seasons, one way you can truly enjoy the design of your home is by remaining true to yourself. Your home should be an extension of your personality: a great place to relax as well as being an inviting entertainment space which your friends and loved ones can enjoy.

Embrace your quirks and delve deep to discover elements that can make your home a cosy haven the minute you step in the door.

Neutral base with a splash of colour

Putting the Heart into Your Home

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The least expensive way to to keep up with current trends whilst injecting your own personality into the design of your home is by keeping base elements neutral.

In the simplest of terms, this means keeping walls and carpets plain so they can act as the canvas on which you can swap and change key pieces to accessorise your rooms.

This does not mean however that you need to be restrained to white walls (in fact this could be a design fail during the drearier months of the year), but off-white or cream are usually the safest bets.

Be Bold

Putting the Heart into Your Home

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As a rule, once you have invested in the perfect sofa, chairs, tables and beds for your home, you can then feel free to accessorise with throws, table linens, bed spreads, cushions etc., selecting them to reflect your tastes.

By following our initial advice of purchasing investment pieces and adding accessories that reflect your style or have sentimental value, you always have the option to change the design.

So, if once upon a time your love of leopard print knew no bounds, but you’re no longer feeling the feline vibe, you can simply store those wild throws and cushions under beds or in the attic and take your bold, or not so bold designs in a whole new direction.

Think about the future

Putting the Heart into Your Home

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There are key features in your home that should be seen as worthwhile investments, and of course we encourage you to choose according to your personality, but can you really afford to change furniture on a whim?

For example, if you are currently part of a couple who is planning on having a family in the future, you may want to hold off buying that oh so gloriously exquisite glass feature table for your living room.

In the same respect, being practical does not have to mean compromising on style, so if for example storage is must, take a look at one of Bedstar’s beds and discover just how beautiful yet practical your options can be.

Looking out for companies such as Bedstar, that manage to combine modern storage solutions with timeless designs, means you can have the home of your dreams at minimal cost.

Keep Clutter in Check

Putting the Heart into Your Home

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Don’t let clutter become the bane of your life. We are all guilty of hanging on to things that we think will be useful sometime in the future but if you haven’t used something in the past year, you can assume you never will.

By removing unnecessary clutter you are freeing up space for a room to be truly appreciated. Go from room to room, discarding anything you haven’t used for a long time and putting aside anything that can be restored or recycled.

Photographs and items from your travels are often left unappreciated in tins and drawers, so why not get them out and place them in frames to add to the unique design of your home?

However, leave sentimental items such as these to last as you will soon get caught up in flicking through old memorabilia instead of ploughing on with the de-cluttering.

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