All parents want to give the best to their kids – one of which is their own playroom.

However, not everyone has enough space and room to spare for their kid’s play area. If you are one of those parents with limited space at home then you do not have to sacrifice a huge part of your living room or let go of a table in your dining room just so you can create a playroom.

Keep in mind that with the right knowledge and by being resourceful, you can learn some tips that can help in creating a nice playroom even if you have a small home or limited space. For instance, you may want to check out Amish-made kids’ play area furniture items known for being simple and minimalistic in the sense that they do not take up a lot of space.

The following are things that you can do to dedicate enough space for your kid’s play area even if you are living in a small apartment or home:

Use all walls and corners

In case floor space is scarce in your home, note that you can always tap your creativity to make room for your kid’s play area. One fantastic tip is to use your walls to store and display items. For instance, you can install shelves on the walls for your kid’s stuff. Just make sure that they are not too tall while also being safely anchored. Meaning you can utilise the upper part of the shelf for décor or storage.

Maximising all corners in your home is also a smart idea. This means that if you can only dedicate a corner of your dining or living room for the play area then it would be a great idea to add corner shelves. These shelves are perfect for displaying artwork and storing children’s books, small toys, and stuffed animals.

Keep only what your kid needs

Donation box with children toys

If you have kids at home, you will be buying presents, treats, clothes and items for the home, causing all the items to pile up over time making your small home feel even more cramped. To set aside space for your kids’ play area, it is time for you to declutter. Figure out which items amongst all your kid’s stuff in your home you can recycle, donate to charity, given to loved ones, or sell.

Do not hold on to items for too long past there use. If possible, check them regularly (for instance, every week), so you can determine which ones are excessive, broken, unused, or inappropriate. Aside from your kids’ stuff, you might also want to go over your own things. Find out which ones you no longer need. Keep only the things that you and your kids need by decluttering and you will instantly feel good as you free up a lot of space in your home. You can then use the freed space for your kid’s play area.

Invest in hooks and handles

Another nice tip is to invest in hooks and handles that you can use to hang certain items. By doing so, you can free floor space for the playroom. For example, you can install sturdy hooks along your walls then hang bags, aprons and clothes on them.  If you love arts and crafts then you could even make and place hanging baskets on the hooks, which you can then use to display items in the nursery, as the basket works perfectly in holding stuffed animals and craft supplies.

Buy multifunctional items

Toy Box full of soft toys

When buying furniture for your kids’ play area it would be a great idea to go for multifunctional items. One example is a desk, which you can convert into a play table. You may also want to invest in an ottoman, which you can flip open to find the storage space beneath its cushion. By buying items that perform more than just one function, you can avoid filling your home with unnecessary furniture and therefore save space.

Add dividers in the form of bright and vibrant carpets and modular floor

There is no need for you to set aside a separate room for a play area, especially if you only have a small home with limited space. If that is the case, then you may want to apply modular flooring or place bright and vibrant carpets and use them as dividers. This is the perfect way to dedicate a play area in your tiny home. What is even greater about this tip is that it allows a small room to feel more open compared to using a wall unit or screen for your divider.

Create a chalk wall

Kids Chalk Wall

Kids often end up drawing on the walls around the home, By creating a chalk wall you are officially permitting them to draw freely and create art on the walls. And the chalk wall means you can contain the artwork to one spot and save on cleaning and replacing decor in the rest you the home. What is great about this tip is that it does not consume extra space while giving your kids a spot to showcase their creativity.

With a chalk wall around, you let your kids be more creative without filling up your space with huge and bulky art easels. This is even more useful once your kids grow up because you can utilise the chalk wall to jot down your grocery list each week or to assign chores.

Extra Tip

Aside from the tips already mentioned, it is also necessary to make sure that everything you put inside and around the dedicated play area is mainly designed for fun and play. If space is limited even if you really like items you see in-store and online it is not all going to practical fit in the kid’s play area.

The play area should only contain toys they play with, crafts they use, electronics they love, costumes they wear, and the books they read. Avoid putting unnecessary stuff to ensure that your small home does not end up becoming too overcrowded.