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Taking the plunge to sell your home can be fraught with mixed emotions. You may have a gorgeous house that you have turned into a home. You may be feeling excited about going into a new property. Whatever your motivations are for moving, you need to ensure that it sells quickly.

One of the fundamental things that hinder the sale of a home is the interior design. While your home may be the epitome of sleek, chic and elegant design, it may not be what others would consider their ‘ideal home.’

While the thought of re-decorating to suit the taste of others can be somewhat disheartening, it is critical that you do so. For many, their first foray into moving house can be difficult. Mastering a generic interior design technique is critical to selling your house.

Mastering this technique can be difficult, but it need not be a millstone. You can achieve a basic interior design look within your home so that it sells in quick time.

Let’s take a look at some ways that your home can be updated to ensure its quick sale.

Painting and Wallpaper

Your home may be a master class in gorgeous interior design. But, bright wallpaper and neon accessories are not going to make your home sell any quicker. If you have feature wallpaper in every room, you may want to consider removing it. Any colours that you have adorned the walls of your home with should be removed. You need to create a neutral palette within your home. This is so that your prospective buyers can visualise how they will live in your house.

Painting shouldn’t be done unless it is necessary. If the walls are marked and need freshening up, then do so. Sticking to a neutral base is critical. Whites, creams and stone tones will modernise your home in an instant. What is more, these colours are bang on trend for 2015. You prospective buyers will love that your home is fresh and ready to move into. This will make it a big hit. What is more, you won’t have to wait around for your home to sell.

Even if you love pastels and jewel tones within your home, stick to a neutral palette. In the event of selling your property, this will ensure its selling success.

Lighting is Important

While it may be tempting to strip the house bare, there is nothing more unattractive than bare light bulbs. A naked light bulb is not appealing to the eye.

Cheap, beautiful light shades can be obtained from a wide range of retailers. You don’t have to spend a fortune on modernising the lighting within your abode. You should strive to purchase lovely metal light shades, with laser cut holes. These produce a stunning light display on the ceiling when the lights are turned on.

You want your home to sell quickly. With this in mind, you need to think like a home-buyer. What would you like to see in a prospective home? We’re sure it is not a naked light bulb.

Everyone should have a home that is bathed in the right light. Light is a mood changer. If you want your house to sell quickly, you need to consider the lighting options.

De-Clutter and De-Personalise

Taking down photographs and art can be upsetting. No one likes the thought of living out of a box. But, your potential buyers want to envisage your home as theirs. Seeing your plethora of memories strewn around your home will not enable them to do this.

Give the Bathroom a Mini-Makeover

The bathroom is the most neglected room in anyone’s house. This is mostly due to the sheer expense of replacing and renovating the bathroom itself. You don’t have to gut the room and put a new bathroom suite in. But, a simple mini-makeover will ensure that buyers want to buy your home. According to online moving experts, the bathroom is the first thing that potential buyers look at. It is something of a deal breaker when they are looking at buyer property.

A lick of paint can update an old bath in an instant. Aim for brilliant white tones as this will look crisp and modern. You don’t have to renovate the entire room. Just aim to spruce it up a little.

Curtains: The Ultimate Hindrance

Some adore curtains; others hate them. The key to selling your home quickly? Take down the curtains. While you may revere the look of dark fabric at your windows, others will detest this. You need to make sure that your home is generic. In a bid to modernise your home ready for sale means removing all of the personalised elements of your home. Ditch the curtains and leave the windows bare. This will enable buyers to see how they would dress the window if they owned your abode.

The Front Garden: It’s Time to Tackle Those Weeds

Do you hate gardening? So many of us do. With that in mind, you need to take a good look at your front garden. If you were a potential buyer, would you buy your home? Your front lawn is the first impression of your home. If it needs tidying up, then you must do so. Tackle the weeding and make the front look appealing. You don’t have to go wild and start planting borders, but some simple tidying up goes a long way.

Now it’s Time to Move…

Moving can be tough. What is more, taking your home apart piece by piece and re-styling it for others can be emotional. You need to think like a prospective homeowner and what you would want to see from the house. Generic boring neutrals with no personality are dull. But, in the face of selling your home you need to make sure this is what you are aiming for.

Think of the positives of moving; you get to decorate a brand new house from scratch and put your personal stamp on a new property. What could be more exciting than that?