Incorporating colour into the home can help it distinguish a personality – adding warmth, style and emotion. Whether you consider your home as an extension of yourself or a private retreat for you to relax and indulge yourself – the colouring of the home’s décor can significantly impact upon the relationship you have with it.

However, it can be incredibly difficult to successfully incorporate colour into the home and create the atmosphere and style you wish to produce. With seemingly endless colours, tones and shades to choose from (many with nonsensical names such as ‘Hugs and Kisses’), picking the correct schemes and paints can be difficult and daunting in equal measure – leaving you stood dumbstruck starring at a hundred variations of beige before taking the plunge.

Here, the good folks at interiors and furnishings specialist, FADS, have put together a helpful infographic designed to help homeowners add a splash of colour to their home. The graphic demonstrates what different colours represent and the emotions they convey, as well as offering guidance as to which colour to use where.

Based in science (to an extent), FADS used research and information from psychologists, therapists and good old fashioned interior designers to develop this helpful guide.