If you do not have the luxury of a large bathroom, or you are struggling to make the most of the space that you do have, then fear not, for there are things you can do to make this most integral of rooms brighter, airier, and more enjoyable.

You cannot, of course, magically transform your room so that it becomes larger, but you absolutely can make decisions that will bring about long-term benefits.

So, with that in mind, where should you start?

Use pale, soft colours

Darker colours tend to make a room feel more oppressive. And that’s not just a statement made without basis; research has shown this to be the case (https://freshome.com/inspiration/room-color-and-how-it-affects-your-mood/). Similarly, dark shades can make you feel less happy and, in some drastic cases, bring about bouts of depression, although of course, this is quite rare.

By focusing on pale and soft colours – baby blue, lilac, pistachio – you can create an environment that is crisp and clean and will help all light that enters the room to be reflected in a way that promotes the concept of spaciousness.

Introduce plants (but don’t fill the room)

Bathroom Plants

It may seem slightly counterintuitive to state that adding things to a small room can make it appear larger, but plants really can make a huge difference. Did you know that when you have plants into your bathroom, they can improve air quality? Or that they absorb any excess moisture in the wake of a bath or a shower?

Or that, similar to light-coloured walls, can reflect light? Or that they can be utilised to make use of spaces that would otherwise remain empty and, therefore, underutilised? Don’t crowd the room, but also don’t be afraid to add some greenery.

Change the furniture

Even small bathrooms require furniture, but by making sure that it is compact can make a huge difference. Also, remember that there are alternatives to getting a chest of drawers or cabinet; hanging certain things on the back of the door, or creating a dedicated space for shampoos, soaps and showers gels, can really make a significant impact.

However, if you are determined to keep furniture in your bathroom, painting them in neutral colours can improve how the entire room appears. Also, be aware that purchasing bathroom furniture doesn’t have to cost the earth! Websites such as Freecycle allow you to get items that other people no longer want, so lurking on these sites could see you get your hands on a bargain!

Make the most of mirrors

Bathroom with large circular mirror

Bathroom mirrors with lights can make a huge difference when it comes to making a room feel lighter and more substantial. By placing a mirror atop the sink, and potentially another in a part of the room looks bare, you can give the impression of the room having much more space than it has in reality. Shiny surfaces make places look brighter – that’s all there is to it!

Take away anything oppressive

Do you have things in your bathroom that are there because they’ve always been there? Could you replace your current bathroom door with one that contains frosted glass panels? Is the room filled with towels? If you can eradicate anything that could be considered clutter and can also afford to introduce glass to your door, you can make the room seem far lighter and far bigger incredibly quickly and easily.