Mirror - Photo by Steve James

When redecorating your home, there are a wide range of different things you can do to modernise and make your living space feel more open.

One thing you can do is to use decorative wall mirrors to enhance the light in your home, as well as add a touch of class to your interiors.

You will find hundreds of different styles of mirror, ranging from ultra contemporary styles through to old school antique looking mirrors but which ones are right for you?

Frameless Wall Mirrors

Frameless wall mirror

A frameless wall mirror is commonly used in a Bathroom, since you get more for your money in glass, it provides a bigger viewport when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Due to the additional glass these are also great for making a space look larger by the reflection of additional light making them also a popular choice for hallways where there is not normally much light passing through.

They are also used widely in the living room to enhance painted or wallpapered walls.

Venetian Wall Mirrors

Venetian wall mirror

These beautiful artistic pieces fit in well in any bedroom, not only enhancing light but also adding class to your room.

Venetian wall mirrors were first created in venice  many years ago and have the same characteristics as the buildings around venice, such as the gothic arches and vaulted roofs.

The elegant and engraved patterns make them a sought after accessory for any home, if fitting them into any bedroom, you should ensure that the other interior follows the same style with a decorative poster bed and elegant curtains it will be sure to impress anyone that has an appreciation of history and interior design.

Modern Style Glass Wall Mirrors


If you want to take your hallway or living room’s interior one step further you could decorate the area with muliple wall mirrors. Whether you choose to have one or two large mirrors or lots of smaller mirrors patterned in a way that draws the light into your home and also creates a funky appearance.

With these ultra modern mirrors most of the mirror is made of glass, adding even more light through your home, some great modern wall mirrors are shown below.

Ultra-modern square mirror

Ultra modern square mirror with multi overlapped bevelled mirrored glass panels.

Quirky 3D brick effect wall mirror

Quirky 3D brick effect wall mirror. Every angled brick is bevelled for a smooth finish.

Abstract contemporary mirror

Abstract contemporary mirror with multi bevelled mirrored glass panels that make up  an artistic shattered effect.

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