As is so often the case, we don’t notice how useful something is until we don’t have it: a pair of fully charged batteries for a Mac mouse, a corkscrew for that much-needed bottle of wine, or a tin opener to get into that blasted can of beans….

But what about castor wheels? Yep, really – those little unsung heroes that you’ve been rolling around on at work all day, fixed to the bottom of your office chair that mean you can twizzle and twirl (or just spin round and round in circles to pass the time).

Well, castor wheels are so ridiculously useful that we thought: what doesn’t currently have castor wheels but really ought to? Here’s what we think would really benefit from being fitted with some wheels from Tente Castors.

Dining table

3 Things That Don’t (But Should) Have Castor Wheels - Table

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The right dining table for your home is essential. It’s at the heart of your family’s space and a must-have perfect piece of furniture if you want to entertain guests. But, because dining tables tend to be wooden, they’re often very heavy… not ideal if you want to move it round your home!

Whether there’s a gripping TV show on in the lounge that would just be perfect for wheeling a dining table so you can keep watching during dinner, or a lovely summer’s day where moving the dining table into the garden would be ideal for a spot of al fresco dining, we reckon a set of castor wheels would be a fab addition.

Moving day boxes

3 Things That Don’t (But Should) Have Castor Wheels - Moving Boxes

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Ever moved house and found yourself confronted with stacks upon stacks of boxes containing all your belongings? Well if so, you’ll know how heavy and cumbersome it can be to lift all those boxes onto a van.

But what if they had castor wheels fixed to them? You could simply fill up a box, glide it down the hallway and ease it up the ramp to the moving van so that you never need worry about putting your back out ever again!


Who doesn’t love a good barbeque? Come rain or shine, we love cooking outdoors, but what we don’ like so much is having to pack the barbeque away again. A barbeque is often a huge, heavy metal contraption that needs two people to lift it rather than scraping it across the patio, so wouldn’t it be great if your barbeque was fitted with castor wheels?

A gentle push would see yours slide into the shed as soon as rain clouds appear to keep it safe and dry indoors, protected from rust and all that the British weather has to throw at it!

Those are just a handful of things we can think of that would really benefit from a set of castor wheels… others that spring to mind are supermarket shopping baskets so your arm doesn’t drop off from all that weight (making you realise you do have more to buy than you thought), as well as a set on our wardrobe so we could easily pull it out to hoover up all that dust behind it!

What about you? What would you fix a handy set of wheels on to make life that little bit easier…?

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