With so many colours to chose from how do you decide which colour to decorate your home.

Is the best idea to follow trends, or to go with colours that are your favourite, or is there something more to choosing the perfect colour for your home.

Thanks to folk at Thomas Sanderson we’re shown in the infographic below the importance of how colour affects our mood, and that the psychology of colour is just as important to consider as trends and personal taste.

Say for example blue is your favourite colour and your thinking of painting your bedroom royal blue, after looking at the infographic below we’d see that blue is a great colour for the office, but not so much for the bedroom. Where as green is a great colours for a bedroom as it’s comforting.

It’s wise to look into the psychology of colour as most homes have areas with different purposes and it would be counter productive to decorate a room you would like to have lively conversations with house guests, with colours that unwelcoming, or relaxes guest too much.

To find out further information see the infographic below or go to here to read more about the psychology of colour.