Six Simple Ways To Secure Your Home From Thieves

Securing your home is paramount because if you cannot feel safe in your home, where can you feel safe?

If you have ever been burgled you will know the feeling that I am talking about. Your mind always wonders, and you turn any little noise or sound into a massive deal.

It is a horrible feeling and one that convinces a lot of people to up sticks and leave for pastures new. But, there are far cheaper ways to ensure your safety.


An alarm is the most basic of measures for any homeowner. It is rule number one in the rulebook. It is the first thing you think off when safety pops into your head.

But it is a point that needs making over and over again if you don’t already have an alarm system installed. An alarm is cheap and effective because the noise it makes is more than enough to put off most thieves.

The majority of thieves would rather not get caught than attempt to burgle a conspicuous property.

Change the locks

Locks are another simple method that will tighten the security of your house. Whereas an alarm is the last line of defence, the locks are the first. If it is too much effort for a burglar to break in, they will more than likely look for another opportunity.

All you have to do is contact a locksmiths and get them to secure all the entrances into your home, from the doors to the windows.

Trim the hedges

Don’t make it easy for thieves to break in. Like I mentioned in the paragraph above, thieves don’t like to put in too much effort because it makes it easier to get caught.

However, if there are accessories that give them shelter, they will gladly expend a bit more energy because there is a lot more cover.

If there are no lights and big trees and hedges provide cover, your home could be a prime target.

Cover up

Don’t leave valuables in sight because it gives a thief more reason to try and break into your property. If it looks as if no one is home and they can see an iPad or a mobile phone on display, they will make an attempt to steal them.

Shut the curtains or leave your valuables where no one from the outside can sport them.

Don’t give them information

Six Simple Ways To Secure Your Home From Thieves


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Remember that burglars are professionals and they know the tricks of the trade. So, if you provide them with information, it makes it easier for them, which is the last thing you want.

For example, “protected by ADT” sticker means well, but it just tells the thief what alarm they have to disable. If you want to make a statement, get a generic sticker.

Keep up with the Joneses

Your home will never be ‘break in proof’, but that is not the point anyway. The point is to make it less desirable. If your home is the easiest home to break into on the block that will be the house that is targeted the most. Keep up to date with your neighbours so your home isn’t the least secure in the area.

See, home security doesn’t have to be complicated.

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